Carved Spoon, sealed with Dark Tung Oil, by @crowdogsloyd

Greenwoodworking is the practice of harvesting freshly felled wood (green) and transforming, typically with hand tools only, into items like spoons, bowls, chairs, and other objects. Part of the appeal of building your own projects is knowing you put them together with your own two hands, and making them with green woodworking techniques helps you feel good about their sustainability. This good feeling shouldn’t stop when it comes to the finishes one uses on these items. That’s where Real Milk Paint can help!

Made with natural ingredients, Real Milk Paint offers safe, eco-friendly coverage, whether you’re carving a spoon, turning a wooden bowl, or completing a handmade project with care. This nontoxic powder paint mixes with water for an eco-friendly formulation that’s simple to dispose of when you finish, and finishing oils and waxes by The Real Milk Paint company offer a food-safe way to seal your handmade goods once the paint dries. No matter the project at hand, products from The Real Milk Paint Co. provide a finish for green woodworking projects of novices and experts alike.

Eco-Friendly Paints With Natural Ingredients

Fluted Vase, painted in Soft White, by Wood Craft by Jonas Als

Real Milk Paint helps you strike a beautiful balance between form, function and eco-friendliness. Perfect for use both indoors and out, Real Milk Paint mixes with water for simple preparation and allows only the amount needed for the project to be made. Also, by controlling the amount of water used, it’s easy to create different effects on your hand crafted pieces. An ingredient list comprising the milk protein casein, natural pigments and calcium lime keeps our formulation simple and safe for both kids and pets. Made with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Real Milk Paint doesn’t have a strong odor, so you can apply it indoors for hassle-free use year-round. Additionally, this nontoxic paint contains no radioactive kaolin clay as filler, using instead edible plant materials to enhance environmental friendliness.

Sustainable Finishing Products for Green Woodworking

Keeping your work natural from start to finish is easy by using sustainable finishing products from The Real Milk Paint Co. to seal and protect your projects. Eco-friendly formulations containing no or low VOCs make our pastes and waxes a pleasure to use, while all-natural oils such as tung and hemp elevate the look of your woodworking projects without permeating your home with chemical scents. We also carry a natural citrus solvent that lets you thin down both paints and finishing products as needed for a safe alternative to CFC-laden products. Additionally, this plant-based formulation pulls double duty as a concentrated cleaner, providing an easy way to clean dirty surfaces.

Powdered Formulation for Customized Mixing

Since Real Milk Paint arrives as a powder and requires mixing with water before use, you can use as little or as much as you want for every project with little to no waste. You can always mix up more if necessary and speed through some of the settling process by adding a few drops of our nontoxic Anti-Foaming Agent to the mixture if you’re in a hurry. Additionally, Real Milk Paint contains stabilizers that keep it fresh and ready to use (after some shaking) for up to two weeks, letting you pause your project and come back to it later without mixing new paint. Lastly, Real Milk Paint makes it simple to combine colors to create customized mixtures perfectly suited to your project, reducing the need to run to the store for new colors when inspiration strikes.

Food-Safe Finishes for Carved Wood Projects

Spalted Maple bowl, sealed with Half & Half by @southernterminusga

Finishing products from The Real Milk Paint Co. such as Tung Oil, Half & Half and Hemp Oil have a food-safe formulation, making them an excellent way to finish butcher blocks. Ideal for green woodworking, these finishing oils also work well for finishing wooden spoons and other carved items. Use these all-natural products to complete the look of hand-carved platters and bowls, or put them to work coating countertops made from butcher block material. This environmentally friendly feature also makes many products from The Real Milk Paint Co. well suited to making jewelry design elements, including carved beads.

Fuss-Free Disposal After Project Completion

Because most products from The Real Milk Paint Co. have natural ingredients and low to no VOCs, after-project disposal is fuss-free. For example, Real Milk Paint contains no harmful materials and dissolves completely in water, so you can dump leftovers down the sink and rinse out your container with confidence. The same goes for finishing oils — simply wipe them up with paper towels and toss them in the trash with no worries about your carbon footprint.

Turned wooden bowls, painted with Navy Blue and Flag Red Real Milk Paint and sealed with Half & Half, by @ew_foss

Green Woodworking Benefits with Real Milk Paint

In addition to its sustainable formulation, Real Milk Paint also helps keep your environment clean after application. No VOCs in its formulation may improve air quality in your space, further aided by milk paint’s ability to absorb ambient carbon dioxide as it hardens. Another benefit is that it also inhibits mold and mildew growth, helping reduce allergens in households with sensitive members. Lastly, Real Milk Paint weathers frequent use on furnishings with ease, holding up beautifully to the passing years with its naturally distressed look. This durability means that once you finish your green woodworking project, it maintains its beauty over time so you don’t have to refinish it until you’re ready for a change of decorative pace.

For hobbyists seeking green woodworking options for completing the look of their handmade goods, products from The Real Milk Paint Co. make sense due to their sustainability and eco-friendliness. Natural ingredients, nontoxic formulations and hassle-free disposal options make Real Milk Paint, our various finishing oils, and waxes suitable for environmentally friendly projects ranging from finishing wood spoons to adding vibrant flair to windsor chairs.

Check out the gallery below for more green woodworking projects from the Real Milk Paint Co. community!