In the modern world, there is an overabundance of harmful toxins and chemicals seeping into the air, and hiding within many corners of daily human life. Standard commercialized paint is one of those substances. Containing harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde, hydrochloric acid, benzene, and toluene, these chemicals perform different functions in standard paint and can cause dangerous symptoms such as nausea, difficulty breathing, and damage to the nervous system.

Your child and your family are your entire world. You want them to be able to live and thrive in a world that is safe for them, in all regards. Whether you’re planning to paint your newborn’s room, or taking on a DIY antique restoration project alongside your child for some educational quality time, choosing a “green” or ecofriendly paint alternative can benefit your child in surprising ways. 


Milk paint is a 100% natural, environmentally friendly alternative to commercial paints available on the market today. With whole, natural ingredients, such as milk protein (sometimes referred to as milk casein), lime, and earth pigments for color, milk paint is created using only natural substances resulting in a VOC-free mixture. Milk paint has been created and utilized for centuries and can last as long.

Since milk paint is made of all-natural materials that are safe for the earth and friendly to living beings, this non-toxic paint won’t affect air quality and can be disposed of safely through composting, or even in your own backyard.


Since Real Milk Paint is a non-toxic substance with a zero-VOC content, its use is ideal as an interior paint for family homes, children’s items and accessories, and even old wooden toys that need a little TLC. Standard commercial and traditional paints release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in the form of gas, either while being applied or during the curing process. Many paints that claim to contain no VOCs often still include ingredients such as colorants, fungicides, biocides or other potentially harmful ingredients. 

Ensuring that your children and loved ones are not exposed to these harmful chemicals is of the utmost importance. Once inhaled, these chemicals can cause damage to the immune system and the overall function of the brain and other organs. In some cases, these gasses can be released for more than four years.

No matter if you’re using Real Milk Paint for your children’s toys, living space, or even their outdoor wooden play structure, choosing this natural paint alternative helps you protect your loved ones. 


When it comes to choosing paint, going “green” means much more than a choice of color. Environmentally-friendly “green” paint, such as Real Milk Paint, is the superior alternative to commercial, petroleum-based paints available on the market today. On top of being environmentally friendly, our low VOC paint boasts other benefits, such as:

The thin, easy to spread consistency of Real Milk Paint is ideal for DIY projects and antique refurbishment.

Real Milk Paint is compostable and can be easily disposed of in your own backyard.

Since Real Milk Paint can last in a wide variety of environments, you can use the product both inside and outside of your home. Try painting your child’s outdoor wooden furniture, or wooden wagon, with this non-toxic, zero VOC paint.

Color your life with non-toxic paint for toddlers. For more information, visit Real Milk Paint online, or call 800-339-9748.