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  • Aqua

    From: $4.50
    Deep Bright blue, refreshing Aqua, enticing and drawing us!
  • Blue Spruce

    From: $4.50
    Our blue spruce milk paint is the greenish-blue color of fresh spruce garland.
  • Earth Green

    From: $4.50
    Earth green milk paint is a stable, deep green paint color that is refreshing, like you belong.
  • Our Granny Smith green paint color is like the perfect tart apple and the smell of fresh pies.
  • Lily Pad

    From: $4.50
    Lily Pad green paint is a deep green color like a lily pad floating on the water.
  • Peacock

    From: $4.50
    This greenish blue milk paint color has just a hint of gray, like a feather, long and colorful.
  • Sage Grey

    From: $4.50
    Bring neutral appeal to handmade projects with Sage Grey Real Milk Paint. This medium-toned paint offers complementary color to lighter and darker grey shades when you want a sedate palette, but it also delivers chic contrast to basic black when you want to make a dramatic impact with your decor.
  • Spearmint

    From: $4.50
    Spearmint milk paint is a refreshing light green paint color with a touch of blue.
  • Tree Bark

    From: $4.50
    A deep green with brown undertones that are reminiscent of a dense moody forest landscape.
  • Willow

    From: $4.50
    Willow color milk paint is like long willow branches flowing in the wind, the leaves singing their own song.