Project Description

have a work in progress in the living room of my 90+ year old house. I was very hesitant to jump in on using Tung Oil but after calling you
(I think I talked to Rick … but not sure) I decided to say what the heck…

The work is still very much in progress but I am ecstatic about the results so far. I am sending you pictures of the Butlers pantry cabinet (just the first coat of Oil) and an unfinished ceiling beam and a pillar so the difference can be seen. The results are turning out much better than I imagined. It has gotten fairly cool here in Arkansas and the drying process on the flat shelves is taking forever to dry (there is no pooling – just a good thick even surface application) but I have been working on the stripping and prep for such a long time the drying time does not bother me; It is a very good thing that I am single in that life could be a little more exasperating because of all the clutter.