Project Description

Hey Dwayne – Here’s a snap of the drums. The wood is canarywood, the finish is your pure
tung oil. Three coats rubbed in to seal, then several more coats sanded in,
working up through the grits from 400 to 1000.

I cut the tung oil 1 to 1 with the citrus solvent, which really let the wood
soak up the sealer coats, and helped speed up the drying time on the finish

It’s inconvenient to disassemble the drums to refresh the finish with a new
coat of tung, so I put a single coat of your carnauba wax on top to make it
last a bit longer. Buffed it out with an old wool sock. That put a little
gloss on it, but not too much.

I’m EXTREMELY happy with how this came out. Thanks so much for your
products, and for your helpful advice along the way.

All the best!