Paint Products

Real Milk Paint® has a wide range of products to help with your DIY projects! We make our own milk paint and we have a diverse range of waxes, strippers and paint removes, oils, brushes and other items to help with your project. Don’t know what you need? Ask us a question! You can leave a comment on the page, visit our contact us or visit us on Facebook.

Milk Paint

Real Milk Paint is a versatile and easy to use environmentally friendly, a non toxic paint. Made from 100% organic material, Real Milk Paint is not only safe for the environment, it is also protects our customers from the harmful fumes of non-organic paint.


A wide range of wood waxes that will help to protect your project. We have waxes for just about any finish from satin to sheen. Easily applied and long lasting, our waxes restores wood surfaces and protects them at the same time.

Paint Strippers and Paint Removers

Powder and liquid options available! Industrial strength and consumer friendly varnish and paint removers that are effective.


Deep penetrating oils that will bring out the character while creating a great wood finish that’s water resistant. We also have pre-mixed oil and solvents


If you’re going to use a high quality paint on your project, then you should use a high quality to brush! We’ve been searching for YEARS for a good, high quality brush, at a reasonable price.

Other Necessities

Helpful tools like high quality,  chemically resistant gloves, lye, and oxalic acid wood bleach.

Learn about our Paint Additives.

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  • Taymar Oman

    I just bought my first gallon of milk paint! Can I use a clear wax on top to seal it?

    • Sure, We recommend the Clear Carnauba Paste Wax . Other waxes can work as well . Wax is a soft finish , so it is not real good a keeping things water proof

  • Georgann Mullis

    We have an early dovetailed seachest that appears to be painted with milkpaint. It had a layer of latex, which we removed. The paint surface is very worn. We’re considering graining the surface with milkpaint. Can that be done and do we have to prepare the milkpaint in a special way for graining?
    thank you

    • The milk paint grains very well with a graining comb . You might put some of our Low Sheen Burnishing paste over the paint first . When dry then do the milk paint graining . The Burnishing Paste will stop the milk paint from getting in the grain of the wood

  • Feather will work as well . The paint does dry fast . So you may need to mist it with water to keep it fluid

  • Julie Bunn

    I have beech butcherblock counters from Ikea. They are already installed. On the underside, they have only whatever Ikea put on them, mineral oil, if anything. On the sunnyside of thr counters, I have used trial and error. I’ve used a couple of different products, mostly boiled linseed oil from the local hardware store, mineral oil once, Daddy Van’s polish (beeswax and olive oil), and lately, my own concoction, a paste made of beeswax, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, and essential oils. Intending to do dark tung oil, in a few months, in the mean time, I’ve sanded my counters and used my own concoction. When it does come time to do the dark tung oil, what will I need to do to prepare the counters?

    • Scrub down with Citrus Solvent to remove all the old oils

  • Jennifer

    I just got my milk paint that I ordered. I am still expierementing with it. What is the best way to achieve an extremely chippy look? I’ve read and watched some different videos. It seems that not using the ultra bond will help it not adhere and create chipping…..and I’ve tried it on a previously painted piece and a stained piece…..I’m not noticing that it is chippy. I mixed the paint and water equal parts. Will applying hemp oil first help the paint repel and chip?
    Can you also suggest any videos? Thanks, Jennifer

  • Mallori

    What would you suggest for an outdoor raised wood garden bed?