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Real Milk Paint®
Environmentally friendly non-toxic paint! - Just Add Water!
Featured on Home and Garden Television.

Real Milk Paint is a versatile and easy to use environmentally friendly, a non toxic paint. Made from 100% organic material, Real Milk Paint is not only safe for the environment, it is also protects our customers from the harmful fumes of non-organic paint.

Real Milk Paint can be mixed with pigment powders to create virtually any color, and is the perfect environmentally safe paint for floors, walls, decks, and more. Our exclusive formula was originally developed for our antique restoration projects, so Real Milk Paint is perfect for antique furniture refinishing and other wood finishing projects.

Our exclusive formula makes Real Milk Paint longer lasting than other milk paint products. After being mixed, Real Milk Paint remains usable for at least two weeks, compared to a day, which is typical of most milk paints. Real Milk Paint is the ideal choice for an environmentally friendly, non toxic paint that gives you convenience and a broad color selection.

Learn about the Unlimited Colors of Real Milk Paint ®. Check out our gradient chart and see the simple formula to create over 100 incredible colors.
See our Real Milk Paint® Color Sticks available for purchase in both color palettes.
FREE informative color chart with every order.

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Customer Testimonials

"This environmentally friendly paint keeps much longer than any other that I have ever used. This includes storage with both the mixed and unmixed product. It also builds better than any other product I have ever tried. They have an enormous selection of colors and the quality control is excellent. Dwayne is always most helpful when I have questions and is a terrific source of knowledge....." Read more...

"Totally love using your milk paint. I have restored a hacienda from 1840 and this paint gives the feel of 1840's. I tried the "other" milk paint and my success was half..." Read more...

"Thanks...I've used your milk paint already, and love the chalk-like matt finish. It's like powdered pigments, a very old world, fresco look..." Read more....

"We have found Mr. Siever very helpful in making suggestions of different techniques and also color mixes..." Read more...

"I love the bright red paint, the new color is great!!! I will be ordering more soon, thanks..." Read more...


  • Sticks to raw wood, plaster, dry wall, stone, unsealed brick and concrete
  • Paint right on existing finishes for a Peele, Chippy or crackled surface
  • No Primer need on raw wood and porous surfaces
  • Sticks to latex with the addition of Ultra Bond
  • Easy to use, water-based formula
  • Each bag contains everything needed, just add water
  • Remains useable for a minimum of two weeks after mixing with water
  • Does not congeal to a blob
  • Environmentally friendly, non toxic paint
  • Non-toxic Paint
  • Does not contain radioactive Kaolin Clays as a filler
  • Traditional color palette, based on antique painted furniture
  • Virtually no odor
  • No residual odor after drying
  • Dries fast (30 minutes to 4 hours depending ambient temperature)

Note: Real Milk Paint® will stick to oil base clear finishes and some painted surfaces but may cause a chippy , crackle or Peele surface. If you want to get full adhesion then adding Ultra Bond is recommend. Please see "How to apply Real Milk Paint® to an Unknown surface" and "How to Paint Walls".

Visit How to Use Real Milk Paint ® for even more instruction on working with our Real Milk Paint ® environmentally friendly paint.

DIRECTIONS: Each quart contains 2 1/2 cups of powdered milk paint. Choose a glass or plastic container 2 times larger than needed to allow for vigorous mixing by hand. To mix 1 quart add 2 1/2 cups water to entire contents. For smaller portions mix 1 part Real Milk Paint ® to 1 part lukewarm water. Stir vigorously for 1 minute. Stir any contents stuck to bottom. For a smoother paint mix in an old blender or with mechanical agitation. If excessive foaming occurs add a few drops of Anti-Foam. Allow paint to stand 20 minutes stirring occasionally. If too thick add more water. If too thin add more powdered Real Milk Paint ®. Surface must be free of contamination, wax, grease or oils. Clean with T.S.P. Sticks to latex with the addition of Ultra Bond. When applying over other finishes, ALWAYS test for compatibility before full application.

For a brushy old world look use these natural bristle brushes for application For a smoother more uniform painted look use these Foam Brushes. As days and weeks go by, the non toxic paint will continue to become more resistant to moisture. After the non toxic paint has dried 3-4 hours you may top coat with varnish, oil finish, Pure Tung Oil, lacquer, or wax. Try in inconspicuous area first, the color may change. Wear proper safety equipment, goggles and rubber gloves.

SPRAYING INSTRUCTIONS: To spray, milk paint must be mixed in a blender to a smooth consistency and then strained. A 2.0 orifice or higher for the spray gun is recommended.

CAUTION: Contains calcium hydroxide (lime) may burn eyes and skin. Flush and rinse with warm water immediately.

View the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.




Sample Now Available
$3.50/sample - 2 Tbsp. of paint in a 1 oz. jar (Covers approx. 3-4 sq ft.)
$10.95/bag - Makes 1 Pint (16 oz. covers approx. 35 sq. ft.)
$16.50/bag - Makes 1 Quart (32 oz. covers approx. 70 sq. ft.)
$46.00/bag - Makes 1 Gallon (128 oz. covers approx. 280 sq. ft.)

Up to 12 samples can be shipped in a "Flat Rate Priority Mail Box " for $5.50. Just put a note in shopping cart memo "Please Ship FLAT RATE"
We will refund the difference you are charged for shippin.

Traditional Colors (click on color to enlarge)
The steel milk cans are for website display. Paint is packaged in natural chip board boxes.




Ultramarine Blue
Raw Umber
Bright Red

Yellow Orchre

Terra Cotta

Golden Rod

Tropical Jade

Yellow Rose Parchment Riverstone    
Yellow Rose


Historical Colors (click on color to enlarge)
The steel milk cans are for website display. Paint is packaged in natural chip board boxes.

French Gray
Pale Salmon
Butternut Squash
Moss Green
Conifer Green
Deep Windsor Green
Sky Blue

Union Blue
Earth Green

*Note: Due to differences in computer monitors and individual settings it is impossible to reproduce hues of color with 100% accuracy. Therefore, this chart should be considered only as a general guide in proper color selection.
1Authentic Cobalt Blue pigment has a higher cost. It is lighter in shade than represented here.

Real Milk Paint
® Bohemian Collection*
The steel milk cans are for website display. Paint is packaged in natural chip board boxes.

We are proud to introduce the Bohemian Collection. In partnership and cooperation with Stiltskin Studios, we introduce these rich, historic colors!


Gypsy Pink


Plum Crazy


Minty Fresh BoHo Blue  

Minty Fresh

BoHo Blue


*Bohemian Collection price differs compare to other color collections.

Real Milk Paint
® Old World Philadelphia Collection.*
The steel milk cans are for website display. Paint is packaged in natural chip board boxes.

Apple Butter Brown
Betsy Ross Red
Burnt Pecan

Clarkson Watson Yellow
Drabby Brown
Elfreths Alley Red
Ella Blue
Granny Smith Green Apple
Hand Forged Iron Black
Light Turqoise

Old City Brick Red
Prairie Sage Green
Primitive Salmon
Spicy Mustard

Vibrant Blue

*Old World Philadelphia Collection price differs compare to other color collections.

At The Real Milk Paint Company we do our best to provide safe products as well as information. However we cannot guarantee that individuals with compromised immune systems or allergies will not have a reaction to our products. We strongly recommend that each person take their own personal responsibility in testing this product for their own personal use.
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