History of the Real Milk Paint Company

green-paintThe Real Milk Paint Company was started while I was working on a European pine wardrobe for our home. I was repairing the wardrobe with new feet and crown molding. Since it was pine and already stripped, it was a perfect candidate for paint.

I got an inspiration and told my wife that I was going to make milk paint from scratch to paint it. She thought I was nuts, like with so many of my adventures. At that time one did not have the option to “Google” information, so I bought some old formula books for furniture finishing. Inside those dusty covers were some milk paint formulas. Many of the milk paint formulas contained strange ingredients like “litharge” and “tallow.” Not satisfied with what I found, my search went on until I found a skim milk formula that contained lime. I mixed some blue pigment with the lime and milk for the body of the cabinet, and used yellow ochre for the raised panels. The results were fantastic, and we still use the wardrobe as a television cabinet in my home today.

The inspiration for the actual company came from an article I read about Lillian Vernon, whose mail order company started at her kitchen table with monogrammed leather purses. I knew that paint pigments were difficult to resource and that other people may be interested in the paints as well. Soon I assembled a number of different pigments colors and had a friend design a simple pigment swatch brochure. On the back I printed the simple formula I had used to make the milk paint for my wardrobe.

It did not take long for me to realize that people wanted milk paint, but they did not want to have to make it from scratch. After a year of experimenting with dry powdered milk products, I found the right nontoxic paint formula. The new formula made a better milk paint then the original homemade formula I had used. An antique furniture show seemed like the right place to introduce this new product so that weekend I launched the beginnings of The Real Milk Paint Co. The total sales that weekend were over $1,000.00 of dry powdered Real Milk Paint.

That was when the Real Milk Paint Company was born. Today, we still mix each batch by hand as well as make attention to detail and providing the best customer service our highest aim. “Do unto others as you would have done to you” may seem old or cliché, but we do our best to make it apply here every day.