RMP Citrus Solvent Beaker Web 2017When you’re looking for a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to cheap paint thinners, Real Milk Paint offers two fantastic options: Odorless Mineral Spirits and Citrus Solvent. You may be familiar with both or just discovering why you need this type of product in your DIY arsenal in the first place — either way, it’s time to take a side-by-side look.

Here’s what you need to know to make the choice best-suited for your project:

They Can Be Mixed Together

Many commercial paint thinners and paint thinner alternatives come with clear-cut warnings against mixing the products with anything else. Our Citrus Solvent and natural Odorless Mineral Spirits are compatible in terms of both ingredients and intended use, so if you already own one or the other and want to use it up, feel free to combine and use.

We often get asked if our Odorless Mineral Spirits and Citrus Solvent is food safe. While Odorless Mineral Spirits are highly refined, they are not deemed food contact safe. However, Citrus Solvent is 100% natural and food contact safe. If you are planning on using it for any surface that food will touch, it’s best to just use Citrus Solvent.

However, if you are just looking for a cost-effective solution with a lovely citrus smell, by all means, mix a bit of Citrus Solvent with the Odorless Mineral Spirits for an all-natural solution.

Real Milk Paint’s Odorless Mineral Spirits Really Are (Almost) Odorless

We all know what it’s like to work with paint thinners that stink. Those pungent odors tend to linger, the noxious fumes invading our airspace, traveling from the garage into the house and clinging to our clothes and hair. Real Milk Paint tackles that problem by highly filtering our Odorless Mineral Spirits, significantly reducing the presence of the toxic chemicals behind those acrid fumes.

Real Milk Paint Citrus Solvent Smells Just Like Oranges

Go a step beyond Odorless Mineral Spirits and infuse your workspace with the bright, invigorating scent of oranges — the signature addition to our Citrus Solvent. Our formula uses 98% pure citrus peel oil and 2% water, creating plenty of cleaning power and a pleasant aroma. Use as is or mix citrus solvent — just 2-10% will do the trick — into your Odorless Mineral Spirits to make it easier to track evaporation (when you can’t smell the orange anymore, your project is likely fully dry).

Natural Citrus Solvent Doesn’t Require Regulated Disposal

Unless you’re using enough product to justify a weekly or monthly trip to the proper disposal spot, getting rid of unused or old mineral spirits can be a pain. To protect the water supply, local regulations often require an arduous disposal process: You may have to transfer the liquid to a spill-proof container, filter it, mix it with something absorbent such as kitty litter and then either wait for a community disposal event or contact the local landfill to see if they’ll take the waste. In many cases, you’ll have to pay the landfill as well.

In sharp contrast, natural Citrus Solvent by Real Milk Paint is 100% natural and completely biodegradable. Citrus peel oil poses no danger to the earth or atmosphere.