Project Description

Unlike many reproductions, JCWoodworking uses only materials and methods dating to the mid 1800’s or earlier. Every piece is hand made using mortise and tenon joinery and hand made oak pegs. Each piece is marked with a maker’s mark and has a parchment paper attached to the bottom which details the history of the material used to build the table. Parchment paper reads: Harvest Table: The boards used to make this tabletop are unique due not only to their age, but also to their width of 19 1/4″ each. The boards are now in their third life. They were originally part of an early 1700’s farmhouse and were reused in the attic of a second farmhouse in Ottsville, Pa. in 1841. In 2005, I dismantled that house and used the boards to make the tabletop you now see. The legs are cut from white pine beams reclaimed from a barn in Western Pa. and the aprons are made from white pine flooring. The base was built using mortise and tenon joinery and the entire table is secured with hand made wooden pegs. The tabletop is a scrub top finish and the base is finished with a coat of “Pearl” Real Milk Paint® followed by a coat of hot tung oil. Every one of my pieces is unique and each board has a history all its own. It is my hope that you and yours enjoy much food and fellowship around this table for many years to come!
Jay & Ricki Chaikin, JCWoodworking 215-529-7637/215-651-0699