Is your garden failing to thrive? The problem might not be your lack of a green thumb so much as the quality of your soil. Fortunately, you don’t have to move houses to remedy the situation. Cedar raised garden beds are an effective, easy solution to less-than-optimal soil conditions. Not only do they give home gardeners a longer growing season, they also help prevent soil compaction while providing superior aeration and drainage. And, the team at Real Milk Paint has the tools and products to help.

DIY Cedar Raised Garden Beds raised garden beds treated with outdoor defense oil

Organic cedar raised garden beds offer an efficient and attractive way to improve the yield of your garden. Thanks to Real Milk Paint’s Outdoor Defence Oil, you can provide your beds with a protective, washable topcoat while guarding against rot

To create your own backyard cedar raised garden beds, start by measuring the length of your garden bed walls and cutting the boards accordingly. Then, cut 2x4s to serve as corner posts and support the walls of the bed. If desired, you can cut more posts to install along the walls for added support. After clamping the boards of each wall together, place the corner posts so that they’re flush with the ends of the taller walls. Attach the posts with screws.

Next, drill pilot holes and attach all the sides to create a box with the posts on the inside. Set the frame in place, making sure the bed is on the ground rather than a surface like concrete. Doing this is crucial to ensure appropriate root growth and drainage. Then, use a spading fork to loosen the dirt and aid your plants in taking root. Be sure to staple wide-mesh hardware cloth on the frame’s bottom side to keep out weeds.

Now, you’re ready to fill the bed with soil and compost. For best results, be gentle when placing plants in the holes; and keep the soil loose. This technique ensures that water can reach the roots more easily.

The Best Cedar Garden Bed Oil

Did you know that our Outdoor Defense is the best cedar garden bed oilYou can use it to protect your garden bed from the elements. These products are safe for children and pets. Plus, they create a protective coat while deepening and enriching the color of the wood but without affecting the quality of your produce, ensuring your garden remains eco-friendly. As a bonus, you can apply the cedar garden bed oil over any Real Milk paint or any porous paint or stain, because all of our products are environmentally friendly!

Experts agree that our products are safe to use on wood as a sealer and conditioner. In fact, a recent Dengarden article highlighted our sealers and waxes, noting that they’re safe for wood that comes in contact with foods. This will help keep your garden as organic as possible.

Beautify Your Backyard with Cedar Raised Garden Beds

Ready to give your backyard space an upgrade? Whether you’re building an eco-friendly cedar raised garden bed or completing another painting project, we’d love to see the end result. Submit your project online today for a chance to be featured on Real Milk Paint’s blog and social channels! We look forward to being your partner in home design and renovation for years to come.