Project Description

The pictures are before, with a fresh application of tung oil, and as it’s curing – closer to the final matte finish. I am just pleased beyond words with how it’s turning out.

You have a great company, great customer support, I’m definitely dropping The Real Milk Paint company name everywhere these days!

The floors are 3.25″ white oak. We had professional help installing it, but no help with sanding or finishing it. Pre-fab floors are just so common our installer didn’t have experience with the finishing part.

We spent over 11 hours sanding this floor. We had so many conflicting recommendations, and then when we picked up the sander they only had 2 grits. We made do, and it turned out great!

The floor is literally AMAZING. It is exciting watching it cure. It is NOT easy to make the commitment to live without a big chunk of your house for such an extended length of time, when polyurethane is quick & fast, but this is worth it. Hands down. We don’t know anyone with a floor like this and I was nervous until I saw the trial board. We will be doing the other half of the house in the future to match, and we have fallen in LOVE with the tung oil. We used it on a pine bunk bed my husband made recently as well. I don’t think we will be able to ever finish anything with poly ever again. It feels like you are feeding the wood broccoli instead of candy when you put down the oil. We had a sense of strengthening the wood and making it happy & healthy. Just so worthwhile!

We rolled the oil on with a lint-free roller and I painted the corners with a little paintbrush. 530 square feet took us about an hour per coat.

The first two coats were 1 part tung, 1 part thinner, and we couldn’t get more than 2 coats down that day – the floor was just staying wet, so we wiped it down. We used 1 part tung and 2 parts thinner the next day for the final 3 coats. In hindsight we might have been able to get more coats on if we had started with a 2-1 ratio the first day. The white oak is really dense, and the dark tung is really thick.

When we poured out the oil, there was a thick layer in the bottom of each container about 1″ thick. We poured in about a quart of the oil and put the cap back on and shook it for a while, and eventually it all came out.

No stain, just beautiful white oak and tung oil. :)
Thank you for your amazing product!