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Products for Woodcarving

Welcome to our online store, the ultimate destination for all your woodcarving needs. We specialize in providing high-quality, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly products that are perfect for creating unique and safe woodcarvings. Whether you’re a hobbyist, a professional woodcarver, or someone who loves DIY projects, we have everything you need for woodcarving that will bring joy and spark creativity.

Our range of woodcarving products includes our Real Milk Paint Colors, Sample Bundles, Zero VOC Wax, Half & Half, Pure Tung Oil (Chinawood Oil), and Dark Tung Oil. Each of these products is designed to ensure your woodcarvings are not just functional, but also works of art that can be cherished for years.

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Protect and Seal Your Woodcarvings

When it comes to what you need for woodcarving, our Zero VOC Wax, Half & Half, Pure Tung Oil (Chinawood Oil), and Dark Tung Oil are must-haves. These natural, non-toxic products can be used to seal and protect your woodcarvings. They provide a durable, water-resistant finish that enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

Our Half & Half product is a blend of pure tung oil and citrus solvent. It penetrates deep into the wood, providing a strong, flexible, and water-resistant finish. The Pure Tung Oil (Chinawood Oil) is a 100% pure oil that provides a lustrous and beautiful finish, while the Dark Tung Oil adds depth to the grain for an aged-antique finish.

Add Color to Woodcarvings with Milk Paint

Our Real Milk Paint is perfect for adding various vibrant colors to your woodcarvings. This environmentally friendly paint adheres well to wood and is durable, making it ideal for woodcarving projects. With a wide range of colors to choose from, you can bring your creative visions to life.

The paint is easy to mix and apply, and it dries quickly, making it a favorite among crafts people. From traditional, old-world colors to modern, bright hues, we have a color for every woodcarving design. This paint creates a rustic, matte finish that is easy to distress, making it perfect for any DIY woodcarving project. It’s safe for kids and pets, and won’t fill your home with nauseating fumes.

Explore our range of products and find the perfect ones for your next project. Whether you’re carving a small piece for your home or working on a large project for a client, our products will help you achieve the best results.

  • A perfect blend of Pure Tung Oil and natural, food-grade thinner Citrus Solvent. Most projects require the thick viscosity of Pure Tung Oil to be thinned for better absorption into the surface. Half & Half is great for projects large and small. We’ve done the mixing so you don’t have to!

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  • Tung Oil is a hard drying wood oil that provides a lustrous and beautiful finish. It resists marring, penetrates well, and is environmentally friendly. Our tung oil is 100% pure and of the highest quality you’ll find. It’s all-natural, food safe, and creates a matte finish. FDA approved for food contact. Not convinced? Read the reviews below.

    From: $4.50

  • Dark Half adds depth to your grain to instantly give an aged look. A perfect blend of our Dark Tung Oil and natural, food-grade thinner, Citrus Solvent. Most projects require the thick viscosity of raw tung oil to be thinned in order to soak into the surface, so we have done that for you!

    From: $4.50

  • Tung oil with natural resin to add depth to your grain and instantly have an aged look.

    From: $4.50

  • All-natural, food contact safe wax that is perfect for cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other wooden surfaces. Made completely with plant-based ingredients it is vegan-friendly, VOC-free, contains no mineral oil, and solvent-free! Perfect for sealing raw wood or over Real Milk Paint®.

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  • A soft creamy wax that is easy to apply with a brush or rag. Brush in the corners and wipe off with a rag to create depth and contrast over milk paint, burnishing paste or other finishes. We also have a clear version of this wax see Wood Wax.

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  • Want a sample of EVERY Real Milk Paint® color? Then this sample bundle is for you! All 56 colors of Real Milk Paint® in one convenient sample bundle at a bulk discounted price (normally $252).

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