To make these New Colors just add the parts of “White” to the solid color. You can use any type of tool, for example a tablespoon. So to make the lightest shade of “Red” you would scoop 1 Tablespoon of “Red” to 9 Tablespoons of “White”.

If you have a large project and you need to figure out the recipe for a 3 parts to 7 parts, this is the math I use:

Let’s say your project area is 432 square feet and you need two coats. That makes 864 square feet that needs covered with paint. Each gallon covers 280 sq feet, each quart covers 70 square feet and a pint is 35 square feet. For a 3 to 7 ratio, add the 3 and the 7 this makes 10. So there are 10 parts in the mix. Our project required 864 square feet divided by 10 = 86.4 sq.ft. See Below:

86.4 x 3 = 259.2 sq. ft which equals almost a gallon at 280 sq. ft.

86.4 x 7 = 604.8 sq. ft. divide by 280 ( gallon coverage) = 2.16 Gallons and a little extra.

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Traditional Blends

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 Historical Blends

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