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Real Milk Paint CPSC Test Report

Real Milk Paint CPSC Test Report


Making children or baby toys and looking for kid-safe paint? Look no further than Real Milk Paint! Our milk paint has been tested and meets the requirements of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). This test report is vital to have to manufacture kids and baby products for sale. Costing thousands of dollars for testing, we’ve invested the funds to offer it to you at a low cost!


Product Description

This downloadable test report is valid through September 2025 and covers all Real Milk Paint® purchased before and during this period.

Upon purchase, you will receive a download file of the current test report. With this purchase, you’ll receive a test report from an ISO-accredited US CPSC-accepted lab for:

  • Real Milk Paint® – Aqua (RMP30)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Arabian Night (RMP54)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Barn Red (RMP24)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Black Iron (RMP53)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Blue Lagoon (RMP37)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Cheesecake (RMP09)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Cocoa (RMP52)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Flag Red (RMP21)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Fresh Lemon (RMP15)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Goldenrod (RMP14)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Gypsy Pink (RMP26)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Lakeview Blue (RMP38)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Lily Pad (RMP44)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Mustard (RMP12)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Persimmon (RMP16)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Plum (RMP27)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Soft White (RMP01)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Sunflower (RMP11)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Terra Cotta (RMP20)
  • Real Milk Paint® – Warm Ash (RMP49)

NOTE: All unlisted Real Milk Paint® colors are made with combinations of the ingredients in the above-tested colors. In the manufacturing of Real Milk Paint® colors not listed in this report, no other ingredients are added so you can rest assured that your project, no matter the color used, has integrity.

Keep this document in your records as proof of compliance with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s requirements for the testing listed on the document (ASTM F963-17 – Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety Soluble Heavy Metals in Paints, Surface Coatings or Substrates & Total Lead Content in Paint and Surface Coatings).

Sharing or distribution of this test report (outside of confirming compliance) is strictly prohibited. For general sharing of compliance e.g. with customers, use the Formal Letter Of Compliance.

This purchase is for a single document for the stated period above and does not include lifetime updates. When the report becomes invalid, a new Test Report will need to be purchased to remain in compliance

The information stated is for educational purposes only and should not be used as legal advice.