Reduced Waste Initiative

Easy on Earth. Easy on YouThis is our motto and creed. But it’s not just a sentiment, we strive to put this into practice in a host of ways. One of the most recent advancements of this is our Reduced Waste Initiative. What is it? Read on!

The Reduced Waste Initiative is our effort to reduce the number of waste products we enter into the waste stream and reducing the amount of waste you in turn bring into the waste stream. Typically when you order one of our 56 colors of Real Milk Paint, it would come with the following items: a plastic can for mixing, a bag with the milk paint powder, and a marble for mixing. This was a great solution for those who are not used to milk paint and want the full Real Milk Paint experience. It also removed the burden of finding an adequate container for mixing the milk paint in. But, these containers can pose a problem to those who are more conscious of their contribution to the waste stream or have been long-time patrons of Real Milk Paint Co. Our Reduced Waste Initiative was in response to this dilemma.

Use coupon code ZEROWASTE to get reduced waste packaging on your milk paint!

When you use the coupon code ZEROWASTE at checkout, we will package the milk paint* in your in a paper bag. This paper bag will contain the bag of your color choice of milk paint powder and marble for mixing. This greatly reduces the amount of plastic in the order and thus reduces the waste volume!

Don’t worry, if you still want the can for mixing just leave this coupon code aside and use it on you’re next order. Oh, and all of our plastic milk paint cans are fully recyclable!

Thanks for taking part in reducing our collective impact on the waste stream!

*ZEROWASTE promotion applies to Real Milk Paint Pints, Quarts, and Gallons only. Gallon size does not include a paper bag. Cannot be applied to previous orders or retroactively applied to orders that have already shipped. Not available to retailer accounts.