Once you’ve found a milk paint color you love and paint your project, don’t forget the finishing step — applying a layer of wax. Is wax absolutely necessary to completing your milk paint project? Not really, but it does add a nice protective finish and seal to your piece while adding luster and sheen.

The Real Milk Paint Co. carries a number of eco-friendly and easy-to-use waxes including:

  • Clear Carnuaba wax
  • Zero VOC wax
  • Myland’s wax
  • Soapstone sealer and wood wax
  • Brown wax

How to Use Wax

Once your milk paint has completely dried (we recommend waiting at least 24 hours), you can apply wax. You’ll need a clean, lint-free rag or brush. Simply apply an even, thin layer of wax over the entire surface of your project. Take care to apply the wax into ridges, cracks and detailing. Once you’ve completed waxing the surface, allow it to dry for at least 5 minutes. Take another clean, soft rag to buff the wax. Clean your brush and rags with warm soapy water.

Make Your Own Customized Color Wax

Not only does wax provide a protective sheen over your project, you can also tint wax to add some creative flair. Using a clear wax such as Carnuaba Wax, select a dry, powdered pigment from the Real Milk Paint® color chart.

You’ll need a clean container (a jar or mixing bowl will do), paint thinner (such as Citrus Solvent) and a spoon/stir stick.

Scoop out some wax into the clean container and add one tablespoon of pigment to the wax. Mix and stir well. If you find the wax is too thick, add a tablespoon of thinner. This requires a bit of time; adding thinner and/or pigment until the desired consistency and color is achieved.

Use your colored wax to create an “aged” patina, or use a brightly colored wax as a statement piece.

Selecting the Right Type of Wax

What type of wax is right for you? Read on to find out.

Working on restoring furniture?

Try Myland’s Wax, a formula comprised of beeswax, carnuaba wax, and shellac that’s ideal for restoring furniture. It comes in a variety of tints including clear and antique brown/mahogany/pine which adds a subtle luster.

If you’re looking for a furniture sealant:

Try Clear Carnuaba Wax. It creates a high sheen look and can be applied to any painted furniture, including outdoor patio furniture.

Or, try Zero VOC Wax. It creates a lasting finish that won’t be removed with cleaning products.

Working on a project with a variety of materials and finishes?

Try Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax, a versatile product that can be used over concrete, soapstone, wood and slate.

Working on a rustic wood project?

Try Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax. This wax and oil combination soaks in well to raw wood. It dries, seals and protects. The best part is that it is food contact safe as well.

If you’d like more information about how to make your milk paint project stand out from the crowd, contact us today.