Hand holding up a wax brushHaving the right tools for the task at hand helps you breeze through even the toughest of jobs. Likewise, wax brushes from The Real Milk Paint Co. simplify the process of finishing painted projects with a smooth, even coat of our various waxing products. Perfect for applying everything from our Soapstone Sealer and  Carnauba Wax Paste to Soft Clear Wax and Good Ol’ Brown Wax, our brushes come in small, medium and large sizes to aid you in reaching every nook and cranny of your piece. Keep reading below to learn what is a wax brush and how to use and maintain it.

What Is a Wax Brush?

Wax brushes are special rounded brushes used when you’re finishing or restoring wood furniture and decor. Typically made with natural bristles, these handy brushes reach into cracks and crevices to coat both wide and tight areas alike with your medium, providing even coverage that helps seal and preserve your piece. Wax brushes work with clear, light and dark waxes like the colors in our Soft Wax line, and some have rounded tips ideal for use in highly detailed areas, such as ornate moldings or corner accents. High-quality options usually have durable metal ferrules to secure the pure bristles and wood handles for fuss-free application on your chosen surfaces. For added project flexibility, Real Milk Paint Co. carries Blue Tip Brushes that work equally well for painting surfaces with Real Milk Paint or sealing the painted areas with one of our special waxes.

Why Do You Need a Wax Brush?

Set of Blue Tip BrushesSo what is a wax brush for and do you need one for your project? The answer is it depends. If you plan on refinishing home decor items or a piece of furniture, it’s likely a good idea to invest in a  high-quality round brush set if you want tools that save you time and provide excellent results. Wax brushes like our Blue Tip paint brushes speed up the application process with their ergonomic handles and natural bristles that hold lots of wax so you spend less time reloading. Additionally, waxes applied with special brushes designed for the medium typically stay put longer than those applied with a rag or standard brush. This is because the rounded design penetrates deeply with every stroke. They also provide excellent reach into detailed spaces so you spend less time covering those areas.

How Do You Use a Wax Brush?

When you’re using a wax brush to apply a smooth finish, the best procedure is to work quickly and not spend too much time on any one area. The reason for this is that overworking areas so that wax penetrates deep into the paint is unnecessary to achieve the look you desire. Instead, work smarter and not harder. Simply load up the tip of your wax brush with your chosen medium, then cover your surface in much the same way you paint with a paint brush. You can stop with one coat for many projects, but keep in mind that with others you may need a couple. You typically know after you add a coat for the first time whether you need to add another or move on to the next step. After you’ve got the coverage you want, just let the wax dry, then wipe it down with a dry cloth and buff it gently to make your new or restored piece reach a high shine.

How Do You Care for Wax Brushes?

The first step in cleaning wax brushes is wiping excess medium off them with a rag. Next, add just enough Odorless Mineral spirits to a container to immerse the bristles of your brush when you place it inside, then let the brush soak for roughly a minute until the mineral spirits dissolve all the wax. If you’re in a hurry, simply swish the bristles around and press them against the container’s bottom and sides to help speed up the process. After you do this, rinse the brush with clean Odorless Mineral spirits, wash the brush with mild dish detergent or Lye Soap from The Real Milk Paint Co., rinse it again and then squeeze out all the excess water. Once you complete these steps, hang your brushes up to dry or place them outside for a bit. If you find yourself involved in lots of projects requiring use of wax brushes, you can store used mineral spirits in a clean glass jar for fuss-free reuse later.

What Types of Waxes Work Best with Wax Brushes?

Finishing wax from the Real Milk Paint Co. allows easy application with wax brushes. For example, our Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax goes on smoothly with these brushes, helping you quickly cover and protect butcher blocks and concrete countertops with a food contact-safe sealant. Like Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax, our Zero VOC Wax offers natural ingredients and contains no volatile organic compounds for safe use in tight spaces. Zero VOC sealer comes in brown and black hues ideal for refinishing furniture, and it glides on evenly with our Blue Tip brushes. For more flexibility in color, consider our Soft Wax, which comes in shades from clear to dark for versatile use around your workshop. Our Good Ol’ Brown Wax also allows hassle-free coverage with wax brushes, coloring in nicks and dents as it goes with its natural color and sealing the project with a rich luster.

Whether you’re a hardcore DIY-er or you just want to take on small DIY projects, things go more smoothly when you use tools that match the job. With that in mind, consider using products that are for sale at a reasonable price from The Real Milk Paint Co. for items you want to build from scratch or furniture painting projects you wish to rejuvenate with a fresh coat of milk paint and sealant. For tasks both large and small, wax brushes make application easier and clean up wonderfully well for easy reuse when you’re ready to take on new tasks.