what color to paint basement ceiling

The enclosed nature of basements makes deciding what color to paint basement ceiling spaces of paramount importance. Too dark a color can leave the area feeling claustrophobic, while too light a color can leave an exposed ceiling looking drab and uninspired. Fortunately, Real Milk Paint includes a wide range of beautiful matte hues that work great on your exposed basement ceiling.

Made with all-natural ingredients for a sustainable way to color your world, Real Milk Paint comes in powdered form so you can mix only what you need for each project. The coats you use to paint exposed basement ceiling spaces dry quickly, and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the formulation means you can use this ceiling paint in areas with little ventilation.

Versatile Colors for Your Basement Ceiling

Whether you’re painting an exposed basement ceiling or drop ceiling — or just trying to cover what you can to protect wood beams — Real Milk Paint provides the paint you need to protect and perfect your basement ceiling. Consider these versatile colors when you want to transform your drab basement into a welcoming extended gathering space for your family and friends.

Soft White Paint for Basement Ceilings

When you want to brighten up your space and create a more open feeling, use Soft White paint to cover your basement ceiling. The reflective nature of white paint makes the most of natural light to create the illusion of more space, bringing an expansive vibe to tight spaces like storage areas beneath staircases. You can also paint a basement ceiling Soft White when you want to offset darker basement walls in areas that only receive artificial light.

Soft White Real Milk Paint as ceiling paint also pairs beautifully with a vast array of wall and floor colors, giving you endless options when you’re choosing wall or furniture colors for your design palette. It works equally well with light-colored flooring paint like Honeysuckle and dark paint like Arabian Night. Likewise, Soft White milk paint complements darker basement walls in colors like Warm Ash and brighter hues like Dragonfly.

Black Iron Basement Ceiling Paint

One trend among homeowners is to go with a dark basement ceiling with lighter wall colors to modernize the space and add a sleek appearance. Perfect for adding contemporary appeal to a downstairs rec room or bringing modern charm to your home office, Black Iron Real Milk Paint works well for an exposed basement ceiling and drop ceilings alike. Keep in mind that a dark ceiling can make smaller spaces feel more enclosed, so black paint works best in larger spaces.

To really open up areas with an exposed ceiling and make the most of natural light, pair your black-painted basement ceiling with pale wall colors like Riverstone and floor paint colors like Sage Grey. Color combinations like Yellow Rose walls and Sunflower flooring bring a fun vibe to kitchenettes in basement guest suites with a black ceiling, while Stone Blue walls and Faded Denim flooring create a calming effect in spaces designed for rest and relaxation.

French Gray Paint for Basement Ceilings

Choosing the Right Color to Paint Your Basement CeilingWhen you want to add a neutral look to your space, consider using French Gray paint on your basement ceiling. Suitable for painting exposed basement ceilings to brighten a dull basement, this gray paint helps your unfinished ceiling make the most of natural and artificial light for a more inviting living area. This paint color also works great on a low ceiling in basement dens, pantries and closets as it’s a shade pale enough to reflect light yet dark enough to hide dirt.

Put French Gray paint to work when you want to curate a coastal vibe in your basement crash pad. This paint color blends beautifully with blue-toned Real Milk Paint hues like Sky Blue and green-toned shades like Beachglass, helping you beautify your marine-themed space. This shade also offers excellent contrast with shades darker than itself, including Navy Blue and Plum, when you want to give your entire basement a color-blocked look.

Sky Blue Basement Ceiling Paint

Create a lively space that reflects the beauty and grandeur of nature by adding Sky Blue Real Milk Paint to your exposed basement ceiling. The ideal alternative to painting the ceiling black when you want a contemporary look, this cheery blue paint pairs seamlessly with a light yellow color like Fresh Lemon for a whimsical playspace design or a dark gray color like Sage Grey for a more serious work area.

If you choose light colors for the walls and flooring, this vivid blue paint can help bright furniture better blend with a staid design scheme. Likewise, this color with darker walls can complement light-colored decor in your basement. You can also use this color as a fun way to cover up less-than-desirable “design features” in an unfinished basement ceiling, including metal pipes. Sky Blue Real Milk Paint beautifully offsets darker shades of blue, such as Deep Sapphire and Lakeview Blue.

Cheesecake Beige Paint for Basement Ceilings

Painting basement ceiling with Real Milk Paint

When you don’t want to paint your exposed basement ceiling white or gray but still want a lighter color, consider Cheesecake Beige Real Milk Paint. Ideal for creating a bright space without the use of white ceiling paint, this paint for exposed ceilings offers a neutral feel that fits well in both warm and dark interior design palettes.

Pair Cheesecake Beige ceiling paint with lighter colors or even white walls for a clean, fresh look, or use it with bright colors for a more vibrant, engaging space. For a chic professional look that makes the most of artificial light, consider painting the entire ceiling Cheesecake Beige, the basement Boardwalk and the basement floor a darker color like Cocoa.

Painting Other Spaces With Real Milk Paint

Real Milk Paint makes painting exposed basement ceiling areas simple, but it also works great in other areas of your home. From kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities inside to porch railings and decks outside, Real Milk Paint offers colors to enhance your home decor and coordinate with your interior design theme. Contact us today with any questions about our DIY products by filling out this form or calling (800) 339-9748.