Uses for Hemp OilFor versatility in your home improvement projects, consider Hemp Oil. Uses for Hemp Oil abound thanks to its all-natural formulation that boasts a thin consistency for easy application and fuss-free absorption into porous surfaces such as wood. Whether you need something to finish wood crafts, seal furniture, topcoat milk paint, or complete a paint job, Hemp Oil from The Real Milk Paint Co. has you covered with a hypoallergenic design ideal for those with sensitivities. Safe for food contact, Hemp Oil also works great for refreshing butcher blocks and wooden kitchen utensils.

Finishing Wood

One of the main uses for Hemp Oil is finishing wood. No matter if you’ve just laid down new hardwood flooring, made crafts from scratch or built a new deck, Hemp Oil offers the perfect way to complete your hard work. It naturally brings out the character and beauty of the wood grain, making it look almost as if the wood was wet. First, Hemp Oil penetrates wood deeply for an enduring finish that resists water and UV rays for hassle-free use on outdoor furnishings. It also dries quickly, although it takes up to 30 days to fully cure. Keep in mind that Hemp Oil doesn’t leave a film behind once it’s fully dried and cured, giving your projects a clean, polished look with a perfectly matte finish.

Sealing Furniture

The protective qualities make sealing furniture one of the best uses for Hemp Oil. Whether you’re starting with raw wood on pieces you’ve created, shining up an old table you stripped down for sealing or want something to breathe new life into a tired wood finish, Hemp Oil fills the bill. The thin formulation makes it simple to rub into surfaces, and its nutty fragrance and minuscule amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) make it pleasant to apply with rags or brushes. Because Hemp Oil provides resistance to water and UV rays, great uses for Hemp Oil include treating front-porch swings and sealing wooden garden benches.

Finishing Painted Surfaces

Though Hemp Oil works great on raw and stained wood alike, it also provides a nice finish to surfaces covered in Real Milk Paint. Though Hemp Oil has a green tint in the bottle, it goes on virtually clear. When applied over more colorful variants of Real Milk Paint like Navy Blue, Barn Red, or Earth Green it will make the color more saturated and deeper. Over lighter milk paint colors like Soft White and Stoneware, it tends to make them more grey. Because Real Milk Paint is a water-based formulation, it penetrates wood deeply, and Hemp Oil over the top of it helps preserve your pieces from the inside out.

pallet sign painted with hemp oilPreserving Wood and Metal

Because this natural formulation is safe for food contact, Hemp Oil uses include preserving wooden utensils and treating cutting boards. Additionally, it works well for revamping rusted cast iron items and adding water resistance to objects crafted with paperboard materials. Feel free to get creative with your uses for Hemp Oil by experimenting with time-worn items in need of some TLC, like weathered wooden garden tool handles. Use it to polish up old metal containers, then use them to store everything from dog treats to birdseed, or put it to work on your butcher block countertops to give your kitchen a country-style feel. Flexible application options with either a rag or paintbrush make Hemp Oil suitable for numerous uses around your home or workshop.