More and more of our clients are turning to a natural look in the bathroom. Whether looking at a contemporary, rustic, or Zen-like style, our special wood finishing products will add luster and life to seasoned timber. From wood vanities to floors made of lumber, we can help create a serene atmosphere. Bright colors are uplifting for a quick shower and dress, but when it comes to unwinding after a hard day, bliss can only be realized with a little help from nature.

Starting from Scratch

Wood, in its natural state, has a magnificent power of rejuvenation. Metal and tile are cold and unyielding. Lumber, water and stone are warmer, softer and more appealing. Picture a wall of knotty pine or a floor of sophisticated mahogany timber, and then begin the project. Once the work is complete, simply coat the wood with our wood finishing mixture of walnut oil and carnauba wax for a long-lasting buffed look. Our all-natural wax sinks deep into grooves of lumber, presenting a simplistic look.

Choosing and Caring for Wood

Wood has been downplayed as a designer tool in bathrooms due to potential moisture damage. With today’s technology in green living, this is no longer true. Our wood finishing products highlight wood and are becoming a great new way to design a bathroom with genuine aesthetic flavor.

Selecting one’s favorite type of wood and applying the right finishing will not only offer the feel of the outdoors but can deliver the wonderful scent of a quiet forest. We are proud to have developed a protective product for wood that never sends a plastic smell into the air. Use proper ventilation to keep any tree-based material from receiving too much trapped moisture. Without any petroleum-based ingredients, wood surfaces will be safe enough to eat from and breathing will seem easier. Our wax is designed to blend with the native wonder of outdoor materials with no harmful chemicals or annoying aroma in a newly designed bathroom.

For all of your wood finishing needs, look no further than the Real Milk Paint Co.