Non-toxic Wall Paints

Non-toxic Wall Paints for your home

Ensure your remodeling project keeps your home safe by using non-toxic wall paints like Real Milk Paint. Made with sustainable ingredients including milk casein and lime, our all-natural paint contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making our range of 56 colors a great choice for the chemically sensitive and those with asthma or concerned about the long-term health effects of conventional paints. The zero VOC paint formulation also makes Real Milk Paint an environmentally friendly way to bring beauty and color to your home’s interior walls.

Redecorating Your Home with the Real Milk Paint Company

When you’re looking for a way to promote a green planet while remodeling your home, low VOC paints are likely high on your list of supplies to pick up. A natural paint with a low odor and zero VOC formula can make painting your walls much more pleasant. With that in mind, here are some interesting color combinations to help you get specific looks by painting your walls and ceilings with our nontoxic water-based paints.

Real Milk Paint Colors for Bathrooms

Make your bathroom beautiful again with gorgeous shades of our nontoxic paint. Capture a classic aesthetic by painting the walls with neutral hues like Sage Grey or Stoneware, then brighten the space by adding Soft White to the ceiling. Dark colors like Navy Blue and French Grey lend a modern feel to your bathroom when paired with Pearl ceiling paint.

Nautical looks are simple to achieve with our nontoxic wall paints by teaming up colors like Beachglass and Caribbean Blue. Similarly, fun shades like Gypsy Pink and Sweetheart lend a Barbie-core feel to your space, while two-tone combinations of Honeysuckle and Cheesecake zero VOC paints keep things subtle and offer a chic canvas for brighter wall art.

Real Milk Paint Colors for Kitchens

Enhance your kitchen with nontoxic wall paints that are safe for food contact surfaces. Use interior paints from our line like Fresh Lemon to enliven your walls with bold color, then paint your kitchen cabinets and ceiling Honeysuckle for soft contrast that opens up your space and amplifies natural lighting. Muted blue hues like Deep Sapphire play well with Parchment when you’re going for a clean, contemporary look in your kitchen.

If you want a more eccentric space, consider adding bright hues like Persimmon for a tropical feel. Deeper hues like Willow and Plum bring a Tuscan vibe front and center, while enchanting colors like Lilypad and Dragonfly imbue your kitchen with cottage-core appeal.

Benefits of Real Milk Paint’s Nontoxic Paints

non toxic paintEnjoy a vast array of benefits by using zero VOC paints like Real Milk Paint when you want a reliable interior wall paint or ceiling paint that supports a green planet. Designed to go on over a variety of building materials, our interior paint line uses mineral pigments and natural ingredients. This makes our zero VOC natural paints a completely nontoxic way to enhance the look of your home’s walls that doesn’t hamper indoor air quality or irritate those with chemical sensitivities.

Zero VOC Paints with Low Odor

Our zero VOC paint has none of the paint emissions or other chemicals found in traditional paint like latex paint and some chalk paint options, making it a great choice for the chemically sensitive. The zero VOC formula lets you use our low odor milk paint to easily cover walls in your home where paint fumes from conventional paints might stifle or even be dangerous without adequate ventilation. Fast drying times between 30 minutes and 4 hours keep residual odors to a minimum for a pleasant atmosphere when using zero VOC paint from the Real Milk Paint Co.

All-Natural Paint Ingredients

Organic ingredients specifically chosen for safety make our zero VOC paint a perfect alternative to latex paints and linseed oil-based paints from conventional paint companies for homes with kids and pets. Our natural paints include milk casein, hydrated lime and iron oxide earth pigments combined with a proprietary natural filler for good quality color. Our wall paint doesn’t trigger chemical sensitivities or impact indoor air quality during use or after drying.

Eco-Friendly Paint Formulation

nontoxic paints to adorn the walls of your homeFeel good about using our nontoxic paints to adorn the walls of your home thanks to a formulation that’s more sustainable than glossy or semi-gloss conventional paint. Organic ingredients and all-natural pigments ensure the eco-friendliness of Real Milk Paint by creating a solvent-free mixture without even low chemical emissions to help support a green planet. Your unused paint is biodegradable and compostable for simple disposal if you mix too much for your project.

Stays Put on Numerous Surfaces

Rely on Real Milk Paint to adhere well to interior walls, no matter their composition. From brick and concrete to plaster, shiplap, and raw wood paneling, our nontoxic paint lays flat and with a matte finish on walls. When used over raw drywall or conventional paints like latex paint, chalk paint, oil-based paint, and other non-absorbent surfaces we recommend using a water-based/acrylic primer (like Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Water Based Primer) or our Ultra Bond Adhesion Promoter for some extra help.

Simple to Mix and Store

While most paint manufacturers premix their zero VOC paints, the Real Milk Paint line is a bit different. Our formulations come in an easily dissolvable powder that mixes at a 1:1 ratio with water, and they come in sample, pint, quart and gallon sizes, with the latter three including paint cans for easy mixing. This lets you prepare as much or as little as you need for your project so you don’t waste paint. Mixed paint stays fresh for up to 2 weeks, so you have lots of time to finish interrupted projects or touch up completed interior walls.

If you’re unsure of how much milk paint you’ll need for project, use our handly Paint Calculator to get an estimate.

Gorgeous Matte Finish

Count on walls painted with Real Milk Paint to showcase a beautiful matte finish. Unlike glossy oil-based paints or semi-gloss interior latex paints from brands like Miller Paint, low VOC ECOS Paints and Sherwin Williams, our zero VOC milk paint creates a variegated shift of color across the surface when you want to add an authentic farmhouse look to your walls. Using our finishing creams over painted walls delivers your choice of a dead flat, low sheen or glossy finishing for hassle-free project personalization.  Due to it’s natural formulation, Real Milk Paint will have a matte sheen, but vary in tone and hue across the surface as it does not contain the chemicals to self level and perfectly disperse the pigments across the wall surface.

Broad Range of Interior Paints

Get just the look you want with our 56-shade line of interior paints that includes basic colors and vibrant hues alike. Perfect for adding a vintage look to the walls of your home, our natural paints boast beautiful shades that mimic tried-and-true colonial colors, helping you match up interior design palettes with antique pieces you’ve refinished yourself or discovered while thrifting. Our nontoxic paint colors pair well together when you want to create a high contrast or complementary look within any room of your home.

Easy-to-Customize Colors

Choose from the 56 shades of Real Milk Paint available from the Real Milk Paint Co., or mix your own by combining colors or using our pigment powders. These zero VOC powders contain a mixture of natural pigments and minerals with no binders, so you simply mix the powders with the zero VOC milk paint to get the coloration you want for special projects. You can also mix these pigment powders with other Real Milk Paint Co. products, such as our nontoxic natural oils, when you want to add some complementary shine to paneling without using harsh wood stains.

Great for Outdoor Walls and Basements

Improve the look of spaces outside by painting the walls with Real Milk Paint, which is UV fading resistant. When mixed up with our Outdoor Additive, our nontoxic paint adheres beautifully to porch and patio walls for a simple way to enhance your outdoor gathering spaces. Our nontoxic paints also work well on basement walls made from concrete blocks, since they avoid even low-level toxic emissions and easily handle damp areas when paired with Outdoor Additive. For extended durability outside on wooden and other absorbent surfaces, consider sealing Real Milk Paint with one of our finishing oils to harness water resistance.

No to Low VOC Prep Products and Finishes

paint your walls with our zero VOC paintsEnsure a great start to your interior design project by properly preparing your walls before you paint your walls with our zero VOC paints. In addition to our natural paint, the Real Milk Paint Co. also offers no to low VOC paint preparation products to boost your chances of success. If you’re just looking for good coverage over drywall, simply start your project by removing dust and debris with our Tri-Sodium Phosphate cleaner.

If the wall has color and you want to start from scratch, paint strippers help you clear off old paint before adding fresh color, though most paint strippers have lots of volatile organic compounds. Products like our Soy-Gel Professional Paint Remover, however, have low VOC formulations that trap dangerous wall color like lead paint for easy removal, and they also work well for removing everything from shellac to interior acrylic latex and oil-based paints. If you want to remove a darker shade of milk paint, use nontoxic paint strippers like our Milk Paint Remover instead.

Nontoxic Wall Paints for Interior Walls

When you’re looking for the best zero VOC paint for your home improvement projects, the Real Milk Paint Co. has you covered with all-natural paints ideal for your bathroom and kitchen walls. Our non-toxic paint comes in 56 beautiful shades that complement each other, helping you create a cohesive palette for your interior design. Learn more about our no to low VOC products by calling (800) 339-9748 or contacting us by email.