The Appeal of Shiplap and the Importance of Proper Painting-minWith its storied history as material for ship hulls and exterior siding, shiplap boards have come a long way to the interior of farmhouse, country and even modern homes. Shiplap walls, kitchen islands and fireplaces lend contemporary appeal to numerous spaces throughout your home, even working as an interesting alternative to drywall materials for your ceilings. Part of getting your shiplap project right, however, comes down to knowing how to paint shiplap, preferably with a high-quality medium such as Real Milk Paint® by The Real Milk Paint Co.

The Appeal of Shiplap and the Importance of Proper Painting

When you want to add an accent wall to your space, a shiplap wall is often the way to go. The easy-to-install shiplap boards go on over your drywall, and you can paint them properly with a paint sprayer or paintbrush. The versatile DIY project material you can mount as horizontal or vertical shiplap is often economical as well when purchased as raw wood, helping you better complete your home decor on a strict budget.

Why Real Milk Paint Is the Ideal Choice for Painting Shiplap

RealMilkPaint SoftWhite ShiplapLook no further than Real Milk Paint® when you need the perfect medium for painting shiplap. Whether you’re using shiplap to accentuate your fireplace, create an interesting visual effect on your ceiling or improve the look of your gallery wall, our milk paint confers numerous benefits, including a customizable consistency for easy application with a paint sprayer. Our milk paint is more than just a labor and time saver, however — it’s also a sustainable option for your shiplap projects that’s good for the environment, lasts the long haul and cleans up easily after you finish your paint job.

Environmentally Friendly, Nontoxic Shiplap Paint

When you want sustainable, environmentally friendly shiplap paint, Real Milk Paint fills the bill with a nontoxic formulation made from all-natural ingredients. Our 100% organic milk paint contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so you can paint shiplap anywhere in your home without noxious fumes. Additionally, our milk paint is safe for use on food contact surfaces like cutting boards, and if you mix too much, you can compost the biodegradable excess paint easily for added peace of mind.

Rich, Beautiful Shiplap Paint Colors and Finishes

Picking a paint color for painting shiplap walls and surfaces is simple with Real Milk Paint on your side. Our range of 56 colors runs the gamut from light and airy to rich and dark to help you find the perfect shiplap paint color, and the paint finish is always matte for added beauty. We also offer paint samples so you can easily select the right shades for your painting project. Many of our all-natural finishing oils provide a smooth finish over Real Milk Paint®, which allows you to customize the level of protection and sheen over your freshly painted shiplap.

Long-Lasting Durability on Shiplap Wood

Create a durable accent wall by using Real Milk Paint® to paint shiplap — without the need to prime the shiplap before painting. Our paints stand the test of time and easily handle the bumps and dings of everyday life, even if you refrain from adding a hard-wearing finish atop your painted shiplap walls. If you do want to keep out water and dust while adding superior abrasion resistance, consider finishing the shiplap boards with our Soft Wax or Pure Tung Oil.

Easy Shiplap Paint Color Application and Cleanup

Pure tung oil for wooden furnitureSpeed up the shiplap painting process by using Real Milk Paint®. Our milk paint is powdered, so you can mix just what you need for the project and thin down the consistency if you’re using a paint sprayer. The water-based formulation likewise enables quick, simple cleanup when you put the final coats of paint on a faux shiplap, MDF shiplap or tongue and groove raw wood wall surface.

Prepare Your Shiplap for Painting

Before you install shiplap, it helps to paint the wall behind it to better seal the wall surface. After mounting the shiplap boards, it’s time to add wood filler like our Real Wood Filler smooth out all the cracks and nail holes. It is important to note that when using Real Milk Paint® it is not recommended to use color changing filler or filler made with vinyl. After patching up, use a palm sander to even out the rough spots so you have a smooth finish to paint. Next, wipe down the shiplap board with a clean cloth to remove all dust and debris before you start painting.

How to Paint Shiplap

The shiplap painting process is relatively simple, with steps that mirror the painting method of most of the DIY project pieces that utilize Real Milk Paint®.

Mixing Real Milk Paint to Paint Shiplap

Real Milk Paint® comes in a powdered form, so you have to mix it at a 1:1 ratio with water before starting. If you plan on using a paint sprayer to paint your shiplap walls, you may need to experiment with thinning the consistency for smooth application. Filtering the paint can be an added benefit when using paint spayers. Additionally, if you want to start painting right away, you may need to add our Anti-Foaming Agent to the mix.

Choosing the Right Supplies for Painting Shiplap

The supplies necessary to paint shiplap include:

  • 80- to 120-grit sandpaper or palm sander
  • Wood filler
  • Putty knife for covering nail holes
  • Your shiplap paint colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint roller and tray
  • Tarp or painters drop cloth to protect flooring

Applying Real Milk Paint to Shiplap Grooves

Prepare Your Shiplap for PaintingThe shiplap painting process includes starting with a small brush that reaches into the tongue-and-groove design of shiplap walls. After you paint the shiplap grooves, it’s time to add the first coat of Real Milk Paint with the paint roller.

Working With Multiple Coats and Finishes

When you paint shiplap surfaces, two coats of paint are usually needed, and you may want to seal the surface afterward for extra protection. In between coats, take your putty knife and clear out the shiplap cracks to prevent paint from pooling. Once dry, add your sealer if desired.

Drying and Curing Time for a Shiplap Wall

Real Milk Paint typically dries quickly in under a few hours, but when you paint shiplap grooves, it may require waiting overnight to ensure those areas are dry. If you add a sealer like Pure Tung Oil to the shiplap wall, it typically takes 7 to 15 days to cure to the touch and 30 days for a full cure.

Tips and Tricks for a Flawless Painting Experience

Achieve the perfect look for your home by using these tips and tricks to help you paint shiplap walls.

Properly Taping and Protecting Adjacent Surfaces

Right Brush Techniques for Painting ShiplapMasking tape helps you mark off the areas where you don’t want to paint. Be sure to tape those areas off carefully and cover your flooring with a tarp or canvas drop cloth to prevent drips from causing extra cleanup.

Using the Right Brush Techniques for Painting Shiplap

A small brush with a slight diagonal slant helps you easily reach into shiplap cracks and tongue-and-groove elements. Work in quick, even strokes to get a smooth finish, then blend it all together with your paint roller.

Dealing With Common Shiplap Painting Issues

The most common issue when painting shiplap walls is gunked-up paint along the tongue and groove. To solve this issue, run your putty knife along the undersides of the boards after painting to remove any excess paint that’s pooled there.

Transform Your Space With Beautifully Painted Shiplap by Using Real Milk Paint

Whether you’re creating an accent wall for your dining room, updating your living room hearth or lending extra beauty to bedrooms or bathrooms with shiplap elements, the best paint for the job is Real Milk Paint®. Environmental friendliness, beautiful paint colors, and easy cleanup put our paint colors ahead of competitors like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Real Milk Paint® will give you a beautifully flat finish that accentuates the wood grain when your shiplap wall finally comes together.