Protecting wood projects from wear, tear, and time is one thing, but what about protecting them from all that and the elements too? It may seem too good to be true, but Real Milk Paint’s Outdoor Defense Oil is actually capable of keeping your wood projects safe from all these threats, including use, rot, mold, mildew, sun, and even water.

The proprietary blend of oils and minerals has been specifically designed to protect the wood and other porous materials from all sorts of damage, making it ideal for your outdoor projects. And with that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about keeping your wood projects protected with Outdoor Defense Oil.

What’s So Great About Outdoor Defense Oil?

One of the best things about Real Milk Paint’s Outdoor Defense Oil is that it contains 100 percent pure tung oil, which is a plant-based finishing oil that’s highly protective, flexible, non-toxic, waterproof, durable, and so much more. When you combine tung oil with pine oil and zinc, you get non-toxic and environmentally friendly protection from regular wear and tear and the elements, which is where the name Outdoor Defense comes from. Here’s a little bit more information about the role of the different ingredients:

Tung oil provides a waterproof finish that will not mold or go rancid over time. It’s also free of distillates and additives, meaning it’s safe to use on a variety of surfaces (it’s even FDA approved for food contact).

Pine oil is another plant-derived oil that’s great for fighting mold and mildew, meaning that it will protect your outdoor projects for many years, no matter how wet the weather gets.

Zinc is the same white stuff you see people putting on their noses to protect themselves from sunburns, and when you apply it to your outdoor projects, it will protect them in the same way from harm, damage, and deterioration caused by UV rays.

The Many Places You Can Use Outdoor Defense Oil

Because of its non-toxic formulation and versatility, Outdoor Defense Oil is the perfect finish for a number of different projects. It can be used to protect your deck or gazebo, finish a garden box or raised bed, add more protection to siding, extend the life of outdoor furniture, weatherproof a patio, and can even be used in place of cedar garden bed oil. This outdoor wood treatment oil is ideal for a variety of outdoor projects and can be safely applied to a number of surfaces, including:
● Wood
● Concrete
● Stone
● Brick
● Other porous/absorbent outdoor materials


The Finished Product (And Warnings About Application)

Outdoor Defense Oil produces a smooth and matte finish that imbues your outdoor projects with a warm and inviting glow. However, it is possible to over-apply the oil (two to four coats are generally all you need), and that will result in a surface that isn’t as smooth to the touch as it should be. Furthermore, avoid applying the oil in the hot sun, because this will cause the oil to polymerize too quickly, and that will produce a rubbery and frosty finish.

Everything You Need to Know About Applying Outdoor Defense Oil to Your Projects

1. Ventilate

Before you apply the solvent, it’s important to make sure that there’s enough ventilation in the area to keep you safe (if you’re working indoors). Open windows and doors, run fans, and open vents to make sure there’s enough airflow in your workspace. Keep the area well-ventilated for at least two to four hours, until the solvent has evaporated from the finish.

2. Shake!

Outdoor Defense Oil is ready to use from the bottle and doesn’t have to be thinned with solvents, but it is always necessary to give Outdoor Defense Oil a good shake prior to each use.

3. Apply the first coat of oil

Dip a brush into the oil and apply a light coat to the surface you want to protect. Leave the oil for about 40 minutes, and then use a lint-free cloth to remove any excess oil or puddles from the surface. Leave the oil to dry for at least four hours and as many as forty-eight. While you wait, hang the cloth to dry.

4. Applying subsequent coats

When you’ve given the first coat time to seep in, you can apply a second coat in the same way: apply the oil with a brush, wait 40 minutes, and then remove excess with a lint-free cloth. Always leave the oil to dry for four to forty-eight hours in between applications. In total, you’ll need between two and four coats for basic weather protection. For more serious protection and heavy-duty projects, apply up to six coats. Don’t oversaturate the wood. Otherwise, you won’t end up with a nice finish.

5. Allow the surface to cure

Although the oil will be dry to the touch in a matter of hours, it will still need seven to 10 days for a partial cure, and 30 days to cure fully. Avoid heavy use until the month has elapsed.

6. Touch up as necessary

Over the years, you may need to apply a touch-up coat to provide the surface with additional protection, especially heavy traffic items like decks and furniture. Apply a single coat as necessary and another coat if the wood will take it.

Outdoor Defense Oil is the ideal protection product for your outdoor wood surfaces, and it can also be used on other porous materials like concrete, brick, and stone. The non-toxic, food-safe, and environmentally friendly composition of the oil means it’s perfect for anything from decks to furniture to garden beds, and this product will keep your outdoor surfaces looking and feeling like new for many years, no matter what the weather tries to throw at you.

Just remember to apply the oil in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight, allow several hours between coats, wipe up excess after each application, and don’t over-apply the oil.