Updating or remodeling your home can be a challenging and costly process. If you are environmentally conscious and have taken the initiative to be green in your approach to this process, you may have several extra hurdles to overcome. The good news is that today, many companies have adopted more green products and practices than ever before, and there are countless resources and initiatives for those who wish to lessen the impact their home has on the environment. Below are a few tips and guidelines to help any homeowner tackle green remodeling while staying within their budget:

Consider Your Space
Whether you are remodeling your entire home or just working on one part of the existing building, the first step to taking a green approach is to weigh the amount of space you think you want with the amount you actually need. Square-footage is the highest contributing factor in calculating the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning, not to mention that more space requires extra materials in the form of furnishings. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is reduce the amount of space and waste your renovations generate.
Earth Friendly can be Budget Friendly
Many eco-friendly additions can be expensive to install — solar panels that heat your water and rain collection systems are popular features that simply do not fit into every homeowner’s budget. Rather than focus on larger purchases like these, put more consideration into the smaller choices you can make that will have satisfactory results. Sealing doors and windows or adding insulation, for example, will work wonders in lowering energy consumption. Using specially-made products that will not harm the environment in their creation or disposal is something to feel good about. Products like milk paint contain absolutely no harsh chemicals or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The main ingredient of this paint is high calcium lime, a substance that is cured through a reaction called carbonization. It causes the paint to pull carbon dioxide from the air as it dries and continues to harden. When used outside, this type of paint can literally clean the air, thereby reducing your home’s carbon emissions and reversing the greenhouse effect in an extremely cost effective way. 
Consult with Professionals
Working with exclusively green-oriented architects or builders not only ensures that you will have the best advice and experience on-hand for your renovation project, but it will also ensure that your vision for an earth friendly home is honored and possibly even improved upon. Knowing where the materials and products come from will help you make educated and sustained choices.
Armed with the passion to lower your carbon footprint, and the information from the countless resources available today, you can make your green remodel a reality.