16 - Milk Paint PersimmonAs the leaves change color and the cooler air comes blowing in, it means one thing, fall is officially here. Which means it’s the perfect time to cozy up inside and start creating pumpkin decorations for fall and the Thanksgiving holiday.

Get Creative This Fall

There are many fun and easy DIY no carve pumpkin decorating projects that will look great in your home and be perfect at the table for Thanksgiving dinner. One of the best items you can decorate to show off your creativity and love for fall is a pumpkin.

These versatile and affordable craft items pair perfectly with milk paint. Our experts have created this list of pumpkin decorating ideas that do not require pumpkin carving. When it comes to adding some color to your no carve pumpkins, nothing works better than Real Milk Paint – it’s safe, easy to clean, and fun for the whole family.

What is Real Milk Paint?

A whole new way to add some color to your life. Real Milk Paint is nothing like your traditional paint options you find at your local paint or home improvement store. It is a powdered, environmentally friendly and non-toxic paint made from 100% organic materials. It’s safe for both kids and pets and will give you a beautiful matte, velvet, or chalky finish, plus sticks to a majority of surfaces without any priming or sanding.

Our exclusive formula is designed to last longer than any other paint products on the market. It’s easy to use and great for all your holiday DIY projects and any painting needed around the house.

Get Inspired with these Colorful Pumpkin Ideas

One of the best parts about Real Milk Paint is that you can create a variety of vibrant colors to help design your pumpkins. We found some of the best Fall pumpkin designs from users who have had some fun using Real Milk Paint that you can easily create yourself. Check out these amazing ideas and get inspired to paint a pumpkin that’s perfect for you.

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Madi used Real Milk Paint to add a ton of color and some shiny finishes to her pumpkins. Don’t be shy to add some sheen, glitter, natural crackle, or some of our other finishing creams and glazes.

Take a look at these perfect Real Milk Paint chevron pumpkins from @mysweetsavannah. She was even nice enough to show you how to design your own on her blog. Check it out and get painting!

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Check out how Karen used Real Milk Paint to get these adorable “candy corn” pumpkins. And the best part, it’s super easy to design yourself.

Good morning! A few things making me giddy this morning…. . 1) it’s Friday . 2) my hubby gets home from his 5 day hiking adventure in the Grand Canyon (like, he has been off the grid since Sunday) 😩 . 3) it’s Friday! . I thought I’d recreate my little ‘simple’ 👈😂 table scape to greet my hubby, and his buddy’s when they arrive back from their hike today!!! Dirty, sweaty, hungry men like pretty tablescapes after looking at the desert for a week, don’t they?!? No? They don’t care? Fine. 🙄😕 . #table #diningtable #diningroom #diningroomdecor #farmhousefriday #farmhousefriyay #tablesetting #tablescape #falltablescape #bhghome #bhgcelebrate #pumpkins #arhaus #chairs#diningchairs #betterhomesandgardens #countryliving #design #interiordesign #fridayfoliagefreshorfaux #countryliving

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If you’re looking for some sweet tablescape ideas, see what our friend @desertdecor did with a little help from Real Milk Paint. You too can get these beautiful designs by picking your favorite colors and using different finishing glazes to add some variety.

How cute is this pumpkin tower tablescape from @clareandgracedesigns? She chose some beautiful Fall colors and finishes to really show off the texture of the pumpkins. You too can have a tablescape that looks this beautiful by choosing from our large selection of Real Milk Paint colors and finishes.

Our friends at @southern.farmhouse.family took multiple pumpkins and covered them perfectly with a variety of vibrant colors from Real Milk Paint. This is a great way to incorporate attractive fall colors and pumpkins into your tablescape this Thanksgiving.

Get Started with your Fall Pumpkin Painting Using Real Milk Paint!

The DIY Fall decorating and design ideas are endless when it comes to using the friendly and safe Real Milk Paint. These Instagram posts are just a few great examples of how using Real Milk Paint can get you incredible pumpkin designs both for the home and for the Thanksgiving table. Real Milk Paint offers a large selection of color, finishing oils, finishing creams, pastes, and waxes to get a design that will truly stand out this Fall and holiday season.