small bedroom paint colors neutral palette

When it’s time to redo your interior design, choosing the right colors plays a big role in your satisfaction with the completed project. Smaller spaces make this selection process complex at times and can’t have just the same color strategy of big spaces — if you go too light, the room looks bland, but if you go too dark, you run the risk of overwhelming other design elements.

The trick for choosing paint colors for small bedrooms is finding a balanced palette that combines both dark and light color elements that mesh well with other spaces in your home. When you want to strike the perfect balance, factor in the undertones of the small bedroom in question and your home decor in general, and shoot for complementary hues that bring out the best in your small room.

Paint Colors for Small Spaces

Whether you want a mild or wild look, Real Milk Paint has you covered with beautiful paint color for small spaces. Dark colors work well for both modern and traditional design themes, while shades of blue, red and green enhance the look of farmhouse and lodge-style interior design elements alike. Likewise, bright colors work well on accent walls and to highlight paler hues in cottage and country-chic design themes. Keep in mind that some colors work better than others in smaller spaces, so it helps to have a game plan in mind before you start your DIY home decor makeover.

Enliven Living Rooms

tiny living rooms with darker shade walls and light ceiling colorsSmall living rooms offer an excellent opportunity to get creative. Due to the smaller size, darker wall colors like Blue Spruce and Earth Green look beautiful with contemporary living room suites and don’t overwhelm your tiny living room so long as you paint the ceiling a lighter shade of cream like Pearl.

Neutral colors work well, too, especially if your living room has large windows or French doors that let in lots of natural light. Use taupe Real Milk Paint hues like Willow and French Toast and textured home decor made with materials such as wicker and rattan. If you’re working with an older space that has outdated paneling or wallpaper, consider updating your small living room with a muted hue such as Stillwater Cove Grey.

Brighten Bedrooms

blue lighter colors make a small bedroom a more relaxing space

Small bedrooms need some extra TLC when you want to create a cozy oasis for rest and relaxation. Cooler tones tend to do that, so choose blue shades using Real Milk Paint hues such as Sky Blue, Stone Blue and Deep Sapphire help foster a serene setting whether you use the living space for catnaps or as a guest room.

If your master suite is a small bedroom, consider paint colors in deep neutral shades for your walls like Warm Ash, then offset the richness by painting the ceiling and baseboards with a pale hue like Honeysuckle. Alternatively, choose a single light color like Parchment for small bedrooms with dark color or vibrant flooring to amplify the open, pleasant space feel.

Freshen Up Kitchens

bright yellow tiny kitchen with bright color existing furnitureFreshening up a small kitchen is simple when you use the right paint colors. For example, if you wish to capture a vibrant summer room feel, use Fresh Lemon to add a splash of sunshine, then add a hint of bold contrast by offsetting the cheery hue with Soft White.

Adding a bright yellow complementary hue such as Sunflower imparts warmth, especially when used sparingly as a highlight color on kitchen cabinets or around large window frames. To play up country-style interior design elements, pair this Real Milk Paint color combination with Faded Denim to add a farmhouse vibe to your smaller space.

Boost Bathrooms

tiny bathroom or powder room with darker hues and brown undertonesBold colors in small bathrooms pack a big punch in terms of modern aesthetics. For example, painting cabinets and molding with rich Plum, then covering the walls and ceiling with flat white paint or light colors such as Oyster Grey, lends dimension that makes small bathrooms feel larger.

Small, narrow bathrooms look bigger when you break up the wall colors, with high-contrast yet complementary pairings such as Persimmon and Yellow Rose or Redstone and Dijon bringing warmth to the mix. A bold accent wall color also works well in small bathrooms, with deep shades such as Lily Pad and Black Iron injecting some mystery and allure into your small space.

Enhance Home Offices

tiny space home office with neutral paletteWith more and more people working remotely, home offices are fast becoming an important consideration for homeowners. Real Milk Paint helps you enhance smaller spaces you wish to transform into a fashionable, functional space, with dark colors like Arabian Night complementing modern interior design elements and natural hues such as Mustard adding a homey feel.

If you want to add an uplifting feel, go with a funky, bold color like Gypsy Pink, but if you want a more sedate look for Zoom meetings, try the traditional warmth of neutral Mocha. Remember, if you choose darker shades for your home office, highlighting with crisp white paint brings sharp contrast for an eye-catching small room design.

Illuminate Hallways

wall colors that reflect light to avoid dark rooms and dark cornersLarge or small, hallways are tricky to decorate, even for professional interior designers, due to their limited space and need to mesh well with all the rooms along their length. When deciding on paint colors for small spaces such as hallways, keep in mind your overall home decor palette.

For example, if your prevailing theme has a sea and shore feel, try soft, cool colors such as Beachglass to help the space look bigger, but if you’re going for a country or farmhouse look, use a warmer shade such as Lake View Blue to add a trendy vibe. Brighter colors like Pumpkin pair well with neutral shades of taupe, while Pecan blends beautifully with heavier wood elements when you want to achieve a classic look.

Painting Small Rooms

Painting Small Rooms with Real Milk PaintWhen painting smaller spaces like a tiny bedroom, the right tools are essential. For example, you need high-quality masking tape when you’re blocking off molding and baseboards to paint a different color than the walls, and drop cloths are a must in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms where you need to cover up cabinetry.

Additionally, paintbrushes can make or break your DIY painting project, especially when you need to work in tighter areas. Consider chip brushes in a variety of sizes for laying a base coat, then switch to our premium Blue Tip Brushes when adding your final coat of paint. Real Milk Paint cleans up easily with soap and water, so even if you get a little where you shouldn’t when painting small spaces, it’s not the end of the world.

How to Mix Real Milk Paint

When applying Real Milk Paint for your small bedroom or small space, keep in mind that it comes as a powder and needs to be mixed yourself. No matter how much you need or want some of our amazing paint for your project-we recommend using one part powder with water equivalent (1:1) because this will result in an even consistency when painting. Additionally, Real Milk Paint takes about twenty minutes to thicken, and you need to stir it occasionally after mixing to help it along.

Benefits of Real Milk Paint

Real Milk Paint color is perfect for small square footage space

Using Real Milk Paint as your small space or bedroom paint offers benefits compare to the traditional paint we are used to. At Real Milk Paint, we offer an exceptional range of hues, with 56 colors to choose from when you wish to update your home’s interior design. Our non-toxic paint contains 100% natural ingredients for an eco-friendly way to update your smaller spaces, and its powdered formulation means you can mix up as much or as little milk paint as you require for the task at hand, reducing waste in the process.

Safe for food contact and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pet- and kid-friendly Real Milk Paint imbues an easily distressable finish ideal for use in rustic and farmhouse design themes. Once you paint with this forgiving medium, it dries to a beautiful matte finish that retains durability even with time and frequent use.


Choosing the right paint colors for small spaces helps you make the most of your available square footage. Whether you want a bright, airy kitchen, a bold, beautiful bath, a personalized small room, or a sleek, modern home office, Real Milk Paint has the soft, dark, and bright colors necessary to transform your small space into the cozy slice of home you desire. Contact us today.