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A lot of people incorrectly believe milk paint is not suitable for use outdoors on exterior finishes and outdoor furniture. For some reason, they think that paint must contain harmful VOC-emitting chemicals in order to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and will typically reach for spar varnish or exterior polyurethane. Thankfully, that simply isn’t so.

While milk paint is perfectly fine for your outdoor woodworking projects as it is, you can accomplish a lasting, beautiful outdoor painted finish with just a few extra steps.

Use the Outdoor Additive in Your Milk Paint

outdoor additive for outdoor woodworking projects

There are a few things to keep in mind when using milk paint on your outdoor projects. First, milk paint does not adhere to surfaces that are greasy, oily, or non-absorbent (like metal). You will need to clean with a tack cloth or lightly sand the curved and flat surfaces before painting. Once you have cleaned and prepped the wood that you want to paint, you’re ready to mix your paint. When preparing your paint, add the Outdoor Additive to the mixture by using a natural bristle brush and following the instructions on the container.

The additive is a borate compound, much like borax. This all-natural and non-toxic additive has several benefits for exterior wood:

  • Mold inhibitor: keeps mold and mildew from developing on the surface of the wood
  • Tannin wood stain blocker: prevents stains from showing through the paint on woods like cedar and knotty pine
  • Bactericide: inhibit the growth of bacteria in the paint

The Best Outdoor Finishes to Protect Wood

Outdoor Defense Oil works for both treated wood and untreated wood

After you’re done painting, your project is going to need an outdoor finish. While tung oil can be an excellent waterproof wood sealer, the best form of protective wood finish you can use is our new Outdoor Defense Oil. While the options are abundant, with choices like epoxy finishes and varnishes commonly utilized for outdoor applications, our Outdoor Defense Oil remains unmatched in terms of durability, longevity, and protection. Made from Pure tung oil, pine oil, and zinc, it offers natural and non-toxic weather protection and doesn’t contain mineral spirits like other exterior varnishes have.

Zinc is well-known for its UV protection against the sun’s damaging UV rays. Meanwhile, the pine oil prevents the growth of mold and mildew and the tung oil adds its waterproof-proof properties. Outdoor Defense Oil gives wood and outdoor furniture an attractive warm glow. When applied over milk paint, it will darken the color of the milk paint. So, keep this in mind when picking colors for your project!

Like how you would apply varnishes or an epoxy coating, wood should have multiple coats of our oil finish until saturated. How many coats depend on you or your outdoor projects’ needs. Apply to the wood coat after coat till the wood is full. Wipe off any excess from the final coat that does not soak into the wood after 40 minutes. For light to moderate weather exposure, 3 to 5 coats should be sufficient and more coats for more severe weather conditions and very absorbent woods.

Note: avoid applying the oil under direct hot sunlight as this can cause it to polymerize quickly and leave a rubbery, filmy surface.

Real Milk Paint For All Your Outdoor Projects

man using varnish for his outdoor project

Real milk paint with the Outdoor Additive and finished with Outdoor Defense Oil is a great choice for your outdoor wood projects. It is durable, weatherproof, and easy to use. And it’s not just for wood surfaces. it can also be used on stucco, concrete, brick, and stone. Here are some great outdoor wood projects to try Real Milk Paint products on.

1. Deck, Fences and Sheds

Real Milk Paint is an exceptional option when it comes to painting decks, fences, covered porch, and sheds when sealed with our Outdoor Defense Oil. Our non-toxic high-quality exterior paint paired with this long-lasting oil not only stands strong against the harshest elements but also ensures lasting vibrancy with its exterior oil finish. This means that you can relish your outdoor living spaces for years to come without worrying about the paint fading or deteriorating, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the joys of outdoor living and maintenance-free beauty.

2. Outdoor Furniture

Real Milk paint products can also be used to paint and protect outdoor furniture. It can give a durable outdoor finish that can withstand UV light or the rigors of the use of outdoor wood furniture. Whether you have a classic wooden bench, a charming picnic table, or an elegant patio set, our products can provide a lasting and durable outdoor finish that stands up admirably to the demands of outdoor furniture and can enhance its natural beauty easily.

3. Birdhouses

Bare wood birdhouses are the perfect project for Real Milk Paint products. The paint will protect the birdhouse from the weather and is also safe for the animals. What sets Real Milk Paint apart is its unwavering commitment to safety, making it the perfect choice for birdhouses, as it’s entirely non-toxic and poses no harm to the resident birds. With Real Milk Paint, you can take pride in creating both a visually appealing and environmentally responsible habitat for your winged neighbors, knowing that you’re offering them a cozy haven that’s both durable and bird-friendly.

4. Planters

Our non-toxic, eco-friendly milk paint is free from the caustic chemicals present in so many other paint brands, so it will not only protect the planter, but it will also serve as its natural fertilizer.

5. Outdoor Food Prep Surface

Real Milk Paint products are also food contact safe, so it’s suitable for any outdoor food prep surface you may have. Use a foam brush or a soft brush for food bowls and butcher blocks and you are good to go.

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