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Why Fall is the Best Time to Use Outdoor Defense

Fall is a time for many things: apple picking, reflection, pumpkin spice everything, and most importantly, preparing for the long and cold winter to come. And when it comes to your outdoor surfaces, this means applying a few coats of Outdoor Defense, a protective oil that will extend the life of all your outdoor projects, [...]

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Beautify and Strengthen Your Home by Staining Wood

Both inside and outdoors, wood makes an attractive and functional addition to your home. In order to preserve the look and quality of the wood, staining it is a necessity. Of course, don't forget to use Real Milk Paint Co. products when you're staining wood! Indoor Staining Inside your home, you may have floors, trim, [...]

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Tips for Staining Wood from RealMilkPaint.com

Our team at RealMilkPaint.com understands that staining wood isn't always the easiest thing. We know how unforgiving a stain job becomes after sanding, application, and finishing – but fortunately, following these three simple steps will make the whole process much easier. We'll share these steps in the hopes that all of your stain applications turn [...]

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