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Why Fall is the Best Time to Use Outdoor Defense

Fall is a time for many things: apple picking, reflection, pumpkin spice everything, and most importantly, preparing for the long and cold winter to come. And when it comes to your outdoor surfaces, this means applying a few coats of Outdoor Defense, a protective oil that will extend the life of all your outdoor projects, [...]

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A Walk with Dave – A Tung Oil Story

This recreation is based on a testimonial by Les O in Missouri. Flip through the images to watch our recreation! [rev_slider walk]   Read it in Les’ own words. Hello, I just rediscovered an ax and hatchet lost for 4 years. Found them in my woods. The ax stuck in a stump and the hatchet [...]

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3 Enjoyable Weekend Wood Finishing Projects

The weekend offers you time to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.  It's also good for getting projects done that have been begging for your attention.  However, relaxing and completing big projects don't always go hand-in-hand.  Take staining a deck for instance.  Before applying various wood finishes to a deck, you have to clean the [...]

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Bring New Life to Any Wood Products with Natural Finish

Our Pure Tung Oil is an all-natural, green product that brings out the best qualities of any wood pieces. When applied, it delivers a tough, highly water-resistant coating that lasts and is great for wood floors, paneling, serving pieces, siding, outdoor furniture, and even porous surfaces like stone, brick, and concrete. Tung oil has been [...]

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The Relaxing Power of Beautiful Wood

More and more of our clients are turning to a natural look in the bathroom. Whether looking at a contemporary, rustic, or Zen-like style, our special wood finishing products will add luster and life to seasoned timber. From wood vanities to floors made of lumber, we can help create a serene atmosphere. Bright colors are [...]

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