Project Description

Above are two sets of job pictures using your tung oil to finish wood floors. I originally bought it for the Eakin job in 2009 and earlier this month did the Hair Studio floor with some product I had left over. Both customers were very pleased. The Eakin floor is a new red oak floor I sanded and finished. The Hair Studio floor is native pine, quite possibly virgin pine, that was probably cut and milled locally. The house is approximately 116 years old according to the customer. I refinished this floor, removing a badly deteriorated varnish type finish and doing a fairly heavy sanding to remove the poor sanding job marks that had been done previously. Your tung oil should work well here, a hair salon, because of its durability and ease of maintenance. Not to mention how beautiful it made these old floors look. I am a better carpenter than photographer but I hope you can make some use of these. Looking forward to more purchases in the future; including some milk paint.

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