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Submitted By: randy clarksean

Project Type: Oil

Products Used: Tung Oil


My deck was 12+ years old and was in need of some TLC. When originally built, it had some structural deficiencies. I was worried the wood would start to rot and cause the whole deck to be replaced prematurely. So, I tore off the railings (that’s why it is not shown in the photos) and decided to sand off the deck boards. They are green treat lumber that had been stained/painted once with a deck stain (big mistake). I sanded them to clean the surface and to open up the wood so that when the tung oil was applied it would soak in nicely and protect the wood.

I used pure tung oil – straight – as I did not cut the oil with anything else. The wood seemed very dry and it had not seen a rain shower for over a week with temperatures at 85+ oF. The oil soaked in quickly and easily. I applied with a simple paint brush and the wood was so dry that I only obtained about 120 sq. feet per gallon of oil. I applied the oil liberally and because it was soaking in so well I did not go back and put additional tung oil on later.

The results were fantastic. As you can see from the before and the after shots, the deck once again has some character and looks like wood. A couple days after the tung oil was applied, it rained. Even though it had not had a lot of time to cure and setup, it held up nicely.

I like the results so well, that I may use tung oil on my cedar siding if I can find it in bulk (5 gallon containers) at a more reasonable price.


deck before sanding and tung oil is applied after sanding, deck is brought back to life with tung oil deck renewed with tung oil