Is the wood furniture in your home looking old? Buying new furniture can easily set you back several thousand dollars, but you don’t have to do something so drastic. With quality wood finishing products like those offered at, you can restore your wood furniture without spending a lot of money. Safe enough for use on kitchen wares like bowls and cutting boards, our soapstone sealer and wood wax will help you restore all of the soapstone and wood surfaces throughout your home.

Natural Ingredients

Made from walnut oil and T1 Carnauba wax flakes, this wood treatment is completely safe for food-contact materials like soapstone sinks, counters, wood cutting boards, but also great for things like your wood furniture in other rooms. Soaked in by the wood or soapstone, our wood finishing products nourish the material and leave it looking fresh and beautiful.

Easy to Use

The wood wax from is also extremely easy to use. When you initially open the jar, you will notice a thin layer on the top. This is dried walnut oil, and it can be removed and thrown away. With the moist wax exposed, you can then rub wax into the wood or soapstone surface using a clean, soft cloth. Allow it to soak in for 15 to 30 minutes before buffing it with another dry cloth. If necessary, you can apply several protective coats over a period of a few days to finish the wood, seal it and protect it from harm.

Results of a Fine Wax

Our customers love how the wood wax leaves a gorgeous patina and an even finish. The shine doesn’t fade like mineral oil, and you won’t have to deal with any greasy residue being transferred around the house. Your beautiful stone pattern will still show through, and your furniture and wood kitchen wares will look incredible.

If your wood bowls, cutting boards, and furniture are looking dry and dingy, you don’t have to head out to the store to replace them. Invest in a quality wax like our soapstone sealer and wood wax to enjoy a fresh look and beautiful wood.