If you’re expecting a certain bundle of joy, one of the most fun (and potentially stressful) parts of preparation is designing the baby’s room. You want the nursery to be a place of rest, comfort, and love, with your own personal touch, of course. You also may not want to do the typical gendered pink or blue theme.
There are so many different themes you can choose from, and so many ways to make it unique to you and your baby! Putting your own personal touches on the room can make it even more special and distinctive.
Under the Sea
The oceans hold and endless world of amazement for humans, so why not bring some of that wonder into the nursery? There are dozens of ways you can go about doing this, so your baby’s nursery is one-of-a-kind.
Blue walls of any color can imitate water, and you can even paint ripples or a subtle pattern to give the walls movement. Add a white noisemaker that produces wave sounds, and it’ll feel just like the sea! You can add touches of sharks, tropical fish, or even mermaids depending on your preferences. This can be done in decals, pillows, blankets, toys… the list goes on.
Animals are always a popular nursery theme, from the zoo to forest animals to birds. You can build off of any of these themes and add your own personal style.
A Lions and Tigers and Bears (oh my!) theme can be precious, naturally set off by stuffed teddy bears. Or you can have a colorful room with elephants and giraffes for an exotic feel. Birds like owls are an adorable way to decorate. It all depends on your favorite animals! Wall decals are a great way to accent the room, along with pillows and sturdy figurines.
It all comes back to the sea, and our fascination with it. Try a nautical theme as a base, and go crazy with color, decorations, and accents.
Red, white, and blue are classic nautical colors, but you can use any color combination as long as you stay true to the basics: clean stripes, boats, and anchors. An aqua blue with crisp white ships and pinstriped walls looks just as seaworthy as navy blue walls, a red bed and white accents. The nautical theme is easily individualized, so don’t be afraid to experiment with it.
You Are My Sunshine
The adorable song is a lovely lullaby, and can make a great theme for a nursery.
Obviously, the basis for this room can be yellow, but you can also try painting the walls a dove gray with some non toxic paint and use yellow accents to have a sunshiny feel. Chevron is a fantastic pattern that can work well here, along with a DIY yarn light fixture to mimic the sun itself. You can use flowers as decoration as well. The point is: be bright!
Pick your favorite book, whether it’s a kid’s book or an adult one, and use that as your decorating starting point!
Everyone has a book they remember fondly that can make a great decorating key. For example, you can use Alice in Wonderland or Harry Potter to add some magic to the nursery. If you want to stick with a kid’s book, try Doctor Seuss or The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This theme is so easy to make your own, and you can read the book to your new baby in the nursery.
You’ll be spending a lot of time in the baby’s room once it is born, so making it something you love is imperative. Making it your own will make help the beautiful memories you make grow.