Give Your Kitchen a Makeover with Real Milk Paint

At Real Milk Paint, we’re always encouraging people to give their spaces and furniture a makeover, so we decided to take our own advice! We have completely redesigned our website and packaging, and are excited about it. There’s lots of great information on the website, but here are a few of our favorite sections:

1) Milk Paint

Your order of Real Milk Paint now comes in 55 colored powders, can for mixing, and a mixing marble. We are the only milk paint company to include this marble, which is essential to achieving a smooth, easy to apply paint. Plus, the can is so pretty you may even want to re-purpose it once your project is complete. Garden tool holder, flower pot, herb garden…your imagination is the only limit.

Made from 100% organic material, Real Milk Paint is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly paint that can be used for a wide range of projects, including antiques, walls, floors and more. You’ll also see a list of the advantages our paint has, including its long lasting shelf life. While other milk paints are good for only one day before they start to congeal, Real Milk Paint stays good for up to two weeks, making it a customer favorite. On this page you will also see the extensive range of colors we offer (and had a ton of fun coming up with names for).

2) Paint Enhancements

Did you know we carry a whole lot more than just paint? We want to cover everything you might need to make your project a success, so not only do we carry superior milk paint, we also have paint enhancements like anti-foaming agent, natural crackle, Ultra Bond and more. We also carry wood oils, waxes, paint remover, brushes, and other supplies. The Real Milk Paint website is a total one stop shop for everything you need to get started.

3) Wood Oils

We have a selection of wood oils that few others have.  Not only that, but we have the knowledge to actually help you use it! Tung oil, Citrus solvent, Half and Half, and Hemp oil, all have their unique finishes and uses. You won’t find them in many other places and you certainly won’t find people who can actually help you pick the right one and tell you how to use it.

4) Tips & Techniques

Under this section you will find ‘how to’ tips, instructional videos, recommended resources and more. There’s even a section containing customer tips, so you can get advice from other people who have used the products. Perhaps once your project is finished you can contribute to this section yourself!

5) Gallery

Check out this section to see examples of projects completed using Real Milk Paint. Get inspired, get creative, and get ideas for future projects! There are sub galleries of antiques, artwork, floors, kitchens, walls and more. Again, we encourage you to submit photos of your own work to show off and inspire others!