Our Pure Tung Oil is an all-natural, green product that brings out the best qualities of any wood pieces. When applied, it delivers a tough, highly water-resistant coating that lasts and is great for wood floors, paneling, serving pieces, siding, outdoor furniture, and even porous surfaces like stone, brick, and concrete.

Tung oil has been used in China for centuries as a treatment for wooden structures and boats because it acts as a preservative. The substance dries quickly, does not darken with age, and once it’s absorbed into the wood, will not build up to create a heavy or gloss finish.
Tung oil comes from the seed of the tree of the same name, which grows at high elevations in remote mountainous regions of China where the soil and air are free from pollutants. It’s classified as a good drying oil like linseed, poppy seed, soybean and other similar oils. Our 100% Pure Chinese Tung Oil contains no additives or petroleum distillates like those from other companies and though it is available in 3 grades, we only sell grade 1 yellow, which is the best quality available.
Our Pure Tung Oil offers many advantages over other brands. It
  • Is an environmentally friendly product
  • Has a naturally polymerizing finish
  • Resists scratching and acids
  • Retains a flat finish, regardless of the number of coats applied
  • When correctly applied, will not peel or swell
  • Will not mold or discolor over time like linseed oil
  • Has a very long shelf life, when properly sealed
  • Is FDA approved for contact with food products
In addition to our Pure Tung Oil wood finish, our 100% organic milk paint and fume free milk paint remover are great for furniture restoration, and our other specialty products like our Natural Crackle Paint, Burnishing Paste, and line of waxes are guaranteed to make all of your wood finishing projects easy and beautiful.