Your home is your sanctuary, so keeping it in a gorgeous condition most likely means a lot to you. However, if planet earth means a lot to you as well, then don’t worry: you have environmentally friendly options out there to consider. If you’re looking to either revamp your home or decorate a new one in an environmentally friendly way, this guide can help.
When it comes to doing paint jobs on old furniture, you should choose an environmentally friendly paint. Milk paint works exquisitely for this purpose. You can also use it to paint your walls. Milk paint comes in gorgeous and bold colors and leaves an unmatchable rustic touch which instantly adds style and appeal to your home. One exciting fact about milk paint is that it is organic and made from raw materials. It’s perfect for a wood finish. Take this gorgeous cobalt blue buffet, for an example of what milk paint can produce:
Aside from using paint, you can also come up with some very environmentally friendly craft ideas and options for the revamping of your home or the decorating of a new one. Save glass jars of jams, pasta sauce, soup or fruit, and paint the lids a pretty color. You can use these to store rice, pasta, or to make your own jam, sauce, or fruit preserves. In fact, you can use them to even store seashells in, or to add craft store gems. In fact, you could recycle old newspapers and use them to papier-mâché your glass jars.
Another option is to donate your furniture. Someone will be bound to pick it up, whether it’s from the Goodwill or another thrift store. Or you could even try selling it at a yard sale. Whatever you do, try not to let your furniture end up taking space in a landfill.