Become a Retailer

Looking to become a Real Milk Paint Co. Retailer? You are in the right place!

As a Retailer of Real Milk Paint Co. products you will receive unique benefits. First and foremost, all Real Milk Paint Co. products are offered to you at a discounted price. You will be able to sell them in store or on your stores online domain. Each retailer is added to our Find A Retailer  page where customers coming to our store can search and see if there is a retailer near them. Your store listing on our website is a huge plus! This means you get direct traffic to your store from ours.On our “Find A Retailer” page anyone can use our easy search tool to find a store location near them that carries Real Milk Paint products. Then, your store information is displayed for them to get directions and/or contact you easily. This is a huge advantage because it is a direct link from our website to yours and our customers to your store!

With your first purchase you’ll receive physical and digital marketing items to help promote the sale of Real Milk Paint Co. products in your store! A low up initial order cost alongside minimal yearly purchase orders makes retailing RMPCo. products easier on you and focuses the attention on bringing you profit and not lining our pockets. Also, because we do not understand your market audience like you do, there is no product requirements that you must have in your store. Generally we do have recommendations and suggest you carry a full line up of our products. But, this is your decision as owner and operator of your business.

While we do ship any where in the world, we find that customers prefer to buy from their local store. Let’s be honest, supporting our local businesses, in our communities is really whats important to us. That’s where you, a Retailer of Real Milk Paint Co. comes in! Each retailer has a guaranteed 10 mile exclusivity radius around their location. This and other details are part of the qualification process that each retailer goes through. Read some of the testimonials below to see what our retailers have to say about being a Real Milk Paint Co. retailer!

So, are you ready to join the RMP Retailer family? We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about becoming a retailer. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 339-9748 or email Shane at [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi – I just wanted to email and say thank you for the link from your website to ours. This weekend a customer from about 25 miles away visited our shop. She wanted milk paint, found your website which linked to us. At first I thought we were listed by title but through conversation learned you had actually linked our website. This is what brought her and her friend to “take a ride” and find us. Yes she bought milk paint and other goodies. Thanks again.

Pedricktown, NJ

Just wanted to tell you how excited I am about the new colors. I have had many people ask me if you had pink. This is great! I can’t wait to place my order next week! I also wanted to tell you that your staff is so nice when I call and very informative. I really am enjoying selling your paints and other products.


The Hen and Chicks

Hi! Got my shelves stocked! Love my banner & all the wonderful colors> I sold 100.00 worth of Real Milk Paint today right after I stocked the shelves & will be making another order soon!