Awareness and concern over environmental issues continues to rise, increasing the demand for environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional house paint, which is full of toxin releasing VOC’s. There are a number of environmentally safe paint alternatives today, whereas in the past the options were much more limited. There are now many more selections, and a wider array of paint color options is available.

What makes for an environmentally safe paint? According to Environmental Protect Agency standards, in order to be acceptable, the VOC levels of paint must be lower than 250 grams per liter. Paints that contain less than 5 grams per liter can be labeled and sold as “No VOC” paint. Among the new generation of environmentally friendly paint choices, the choice that truly contains no VOC’s is Real Milk Paint.


Real Milk Paint is one that is not only safe for, but beneficial to the environment. What makes Real Milk Paint an environmentally friendly paint is one of the primary ingredients, pharmaceutical grade lime. High calcium lime has unique properties in that it is cured through a reaction called carbonization. This means that our paint draws in carbon dioxide from the air as it continues to harden, so when painted on interior and exterior walls and siding, it will continue cleaning the air. Using our environmentally friendly paint will help to clean carbon emissions from the air thus helping to reduce the green house effect. Just think of the effect on our environment if everyone used our Real Milk Paint. This environmentally safe paint is an actively beneficial choice among Earth friendly products. Another benefit of natural lime in milk paint is that it acts as a fire retardant. This means it will slow the rate and spread of fire. When choosing environmentally friendly paint that is safer for the Earth, you can also have paint that is safer for your home.