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Mylands Wax

Clear Wax | Antique Pine Wax | Antique Brown Wax | Antique Mahogany Wax
Mylands Wax for application over Real Milk Paint 16 oz. $14.95

Up till now we have not offered any wax products to go over our Real Milk Paint ®. The reason for this is that most waxes leave behind a white residue after drying on a surface, especially over our black milk paint. Other brands also have toluene as one of its ingredients, which many people have found to have an unpleasant odor. Myland's Wax applies easily, buffs to a nice sheen and has a pleasant odor. We highly recommend Myland's waxes. Because after the distillates evaporate, you are left with a non-toxic finish.

Tip: In the shop, when we begin to work on furniture we typically start with one coat of Myland's Wax, buffed off followed by one coat of "Clear Carnauba Wax" and buffed again. We have found this leaves a lustrous sheen as well as a nice tactile feel. For kitchens and other hardwearing surfaces, first seal the surface with a finish such as Pure Tung Oil or other suitable finish. Then wax as instructed above. The finish will prevent the wax from being absorbed into the non-toxic paint.

Myland's waxes were originally formulated over 100 years ago for antique furniture conservators and restorers. Its unique formulation combines the finest natural waxes available including beeswax, carnauba and shellac wax in a toluene-free carrier. Myland's Wax can be used on all interior wood surfaces over virtually any wood finish. Myland's Wax is easy to apply and results in a shine that is lasting and lustrous. When pigmented, Myland's Wax enhances the color of the selected original wood and secures the glow of its natural patina while diminishing surface abrasions and scratches.

Myland's Clear Wax
Clear Wax is suitable for all wooden furniture, whatever the color, and results in a deep shine. Additional applications provide increased durability and added depth.

Myland's Antique Pine Wax
A traditional light brown wax with hints of honey-orange that adds tone and depth to all lighter colored woods, in addition to pine. Very popular with traditional conservators and restorers, Myland's Antique Pine Wax is recommended by many furniture teaching colleges.

Myland's Antique Brown Wax
A warm, honey brown wax particularly suitable for oak, walnut and all darker type of woods. This wax produces a rich, deep shine that complements and enhances the finish and patina.

Myland's Antique Mahogany Wax
Similar to Myland's Antique Brown Wax, but with a hint of red that results in warmer, richer tones. Favored by antique furniture conservators and restorers for use on cherry as well as on mahogany surfaces.

APPLICATION: Apply Myland's Wax with a soft, clean cloth or brush. Apply sparingly, just enough to cover with a thin coat. Allow to dry (normally 5-7 minutes) and buff off with another clean, soft cloth. In the case of detailed or carved surfaces, the wax may be buffed off using a furniture brush. Additional applications of Myland's Wax will provide increased shine and protection.

Note: Many professionals use Myland's Clear Wax as the final coat over applications of Myland's colored waxes. This technique essentially seals the wood finishing without adding further color to the wood and contributes to added luster.

At The Real Milk Paint Company we do our best to provide safe products as well as information. However we cannot guarantee that individuals with compromised immune systems or allergies will not have a reaction to our products. We strongly recommend that each person take their own personal responsibility in testing this product for their own personal use.
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