Tung Oil Wood Finishes (chinawood oil)

Our pure Tung Oil will not build a gloss finish or heavy finish, but will penetrate deeply into the wood to enhance character and water resistance while creating a great wood finish.

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Half & Half-All

Half Pure Tung Oil and Half Citrus Solvent

Never mix these products again. Neat and efficient. Great for food safe projects like cutting boards , table tops and wood kitchen items .

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Citrus Natural Solvent – Natural Mineral Spirits

An all natural way to thin tung oil. Will evaporate as it dries. Can also be used as an concentrated cleaner.

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Dark Raw Tung Oil

Pure Tung Oil is a finishing product that provides a tough, flexible and highly water-resistant coating for a great wood finish when staining wood.

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Hemp Oil

Dries to a matte finish. Will never produce a gloss or even much sheen. All natural VOC’s and solvent-free drying oil finish. Use on bare wood, over milk paint, chalk paint, and to revive old wood finishes. Will penetrate well on porous surfaces.

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