Thomas Jefferson swivel Windsor

I used your Real Milk Paint® on this Thomas Jefferson swivel Windsor. It’s Black over Terra Cotta, the quality of your paint is unmatched. The durability and authentic look make this piece look so real and old that I have had numerous people ask if it’s the real thing. Thanks for making my projects shine.

All Natural Wood Toys

Promise Brand is a family-owned and operated business that manufacturers healthy wood products. We wouldn’t think of using anything but Real Milk Paint® on our childrens toys! It looks great, is easy to apply, and fulfills our company mission: all-natural, non-toxic!!!


The Old Look

Scott Mc Ilvain specializes in creating the period “Old Look” with distressing and layering techniques. The individual hand made pieces will complement well with your period accessories. Contact “The Old Look” for one of a kind pieces.
“The Old Look” Fine Milk Painted Pieces by Scott L. Mc Ilvain
5499 Leewood Lane York, PA 17406 717-252-2470



Unlike many reproductions, JCWoodworking uses only materials and methods dating to the mid 1800’s or earlier. Every piece is hand made using mortise and tenon joinery and hand made oak pegs. Each piece is marked with a maker’s mark and has a parchment paper attached to the bottom which details the history of the material used to build the table. Parchment paper reads: Harvest Table: The boards used to make this tabletop are unique due not only to their age, but also to their width of 19 1/4″ each. The boards are now in their third life. They were originally part of an early 1700’s farmhouse and were reused in the attic of a second farmhouse in Ottsville, Pa. in 1841. In 2005, I dismantled that house and used the boards to make the tabletop you now see. The legs are cut from white pine beams reclaimed from a barn in Western Pa. and the aprons are made from white pine flooring. The base was built using mortise and tenon joinery and the entire table is secured with hand made wooden pegs. The tabletop is a scrub top finish and the base is finished with a coat of “Pearl” Real Milk Paint® followed by a coat of hot tung oil. Every one of my pieces is unique and each board has a history all its own. It is my hope that you and yours enjoy much food and fellowship around this table for many years to come!
Jay & Ricki Chaikin, JCWoodworking 215-529-7637/215-651-0699


Antique Wagon Restoration

Congratulations to Ed Malachosky in completing his Eagle Scout project. Ed took on the project of restoring this Antique wagon that will be on public display. Ed had quite a time finding all the correct period hardware as well as a wheel wright to help repair the wheels. The Real Milk Paint Co. was happy to take part in donating the “Green” milk paint and Pure Tung Oil for the finish. Congratulations Ed for saving a part of history for the next generation.


Windsor Chairs

Throughout the 1700’s and 1800’s Windsor chair building in the United States took place along the Eastern coast. Because of the craftsmanship and construction techniques, many two hundred year old chairs are still today sound pieces of furniture. These chairs are some of the world’s most loved antiques. We continue that chair making tradition here at The Windsor Chair Shop, using the same construction techniques and tools as those used 200 years ago.
Windsor chairs built in the 1700’s and 1800’s were finished with Milk paint. Made from organic compounds including earth pigments, lime, and milk proteins this non toxic finish is attractive and very durable. We offer several variations of this finish.


Authentic Bench-Made Windsor Chairs
from M&E Gummel Chair Works

M&E Gummel Chairworks is guided by a father and son dream to have a family business building furniture together. They want to introduce to you the products of that dream, their Windsor Chairs. They strive to focus on the natural beauty, lines construction and techniques of the designs used in 1730-1840 America. They use authentic milk paint to achieve the powdered, patina finish that you would find on period furniture. Whether applied in one coat or layers of authentic, colonial colors the natural texture of the wood remains. Each piece is hand rubbed as though years of use had worn the arms & spindles to a warm polish. Add a century of age to your chair by choosing the antique, crackle finish. Their Windsor chairs are graceful in appearance and will blend nicely with your well-loved antiques.
If you are in historic Castine, Maine please visit their shop, an 1895 barn in the process of being reborn, and see for yourself. Or view stunning photos of these magnificent chairs at



Here are some photos of pieces that I have done using your paint. I have tried many varieties, even making my own. However, I enjoy your paint the best. Pure colors that blend easily and bond well to the antique pine that I paint. Many of my customers have expressed interest in using milk paint themselves. No other paint creates a patina quite like your milk paint.
Laura Crowley of Millstreet Studios


Pennsylvania Queen Anne Table

Craig Bentzley, a craftsman from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has been restoring antiques and building antique reproduction furniture for over 30 years. This piece is an adaptation of a southeastern Pennsylvania Queen Anne tavern or work table, circa 1740-1760. The “Earth Green” Real Milk Paint® with a thin dark glaze on the base nicely accents the amber colored curly maple top.
Craig W. Bentzley Studio
Phone/Fax: (215) 822-7544


Hallmark Farm Table

In our workshop at the Good Old Days Country Shop, we have tried various different latex, enamel, and milk paints and have finally settled on Real Milk Paint ®. This product gives our reproductions the old time look and feel of the originals. We have developed a finishing schedule using Real Milk Paint to achieve the well worn look of 200 years. Our Hallmark Farm Table, as shown here, is very popular with the Early American and Colonial furniture collectors. For more information, contact us through our website at or call us at 315-589-2775.


Chicken Coop
We recycled as much as we could using pallets, plywood and insulation.
Lee Anne Johnson


Milk Paint

Thank you so much for getting back so quick. and thanks for the response.
I was looking at traditional home magazine today and grey seem so be very popular. That French gray is looking mighty fine right now. i think buying your milk paint is addictive. do you offer a support group?? i think i need one.

Here is another one with your earth green moss green and just a hint of prarie sage, and then my super special glaze mix on top of it. I think you have seen this chair already. people love this at the shows. this is the one that everyone runs there fingers across.
the camera doesn’t do it justice.


Projects with Real Milk Paint

Thank you so much! Yes you can post these. I was hoping you would. As for the projects I also like to re-purpose things in my projects. The 2 door jelly cupboar is Black Iron over Soft White milk paint. The doors are old window shutters from a house. The hall tree is cream over Pink Salmon with barn wood shelf brackets and arm rests. The seat and lower shelf are Mahagany flooring left over from my front porch stained with believe it or not White vinegar/steel wool solution that turned the wood black. The wall shelves are Pink Salmon and Mustard over Raw Umber. These are made with barn wood faces. The Wash stand end table I made from scratch with a Butternut top. This is Squash over Raw Umber with hardware from Van Dykes Restorers. The inside is Cream over Raw Umber. The back slats are old Cedar lap siding from my daughters house that was never used. Then finally the stepped back hutch is one of my favorites. This is Raw Umber over my White vinegar solution stain finished with water based polly. The doors are from and old salvaged house door. The finial turnings I salvaged from a furniture factory that went out of business.




The box is Sapphire blue over Stoneware and for the cupboard I used Stoneware on the outside with Mustard inside.


Mustard & deep sapphire & terracotta.

These are done in stillwater grey.

This table is done in stone blue.

Victorian pine chest painted in yellow rose & stoneware.

Antique Furniture

Andrew Davidson of Victorian Pine
(Our England Retailer)


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