Caribbean Blue-All

The Ancient Roots of Real Milk Paint When human beings first began experimenting with cave art and adding color to their artifacts thousands of years ago, they did so with a type of milk paint, which was one of the first paints humans ever created. Today, paint products like those made by The Real Milk […]


Pure Tung Oil is just what it says, Pure Tung Oil, without any additive or petroleum distillates like mineral spirits or paint thinners.  Formulated “Tung Oil” products can be any of a number of things from a thinned down varnish to a polymerized Tung oil. So you really don’t know what you are getting. Most Tung […]

Wow! That’s the axe I thought I lost 4 years ago.

This recreation is based on a testimonial by Les O in Missouri. Flip through the images to watch our recreation!   Read it in Les’ own words. Hello, I just rediscovered an ax and hatchet lost for 4 years. Found them in my woods. The ax stuck in a stump and the hatchet lying beside […]

Before and After with Real Milk Paint

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover with Real Milk Paint At Real Milk Paint, we’re always encouraging people to give their spaces and furniture a makeover, so we decided to take our own advice! We have completely redesigned our website and packaging, and are excited about it. There’s lots of great information on the website, but here […]


Mixing milk paint is a simple process using equal parts powder to water.  The mixing process takes about five minutes, using the following steps: The mix is very simple: 1 part water to one part powder.  Use whatever size scoop you want.  Here I used a 1/4 cup. Add water to the cup first. Dry […]


Your home is your sanctuary, so keeping it in a gorgeous condition most likely means a lot to you. However, if planet earth means a lot to you as well, then don’t worry: you have environmentally friendly options out there to consider. If you’re looking to either revamp your home or decorate a new one […]


Updating or remodeling your home can be a challenging and costly process. If you are environmentally conscious and have taken the initiative to be green in your approach to this process, you may have several extra hurdles to overcome. The good news is that today, many companies have adopted more green products and practices than […]

by Bill Layman / Layman Ventures Ltd. for Cottage Magazine published in Canada I wish I could say I got the idea for re-finishing my hardwood floor from looking at a cast iron frying pan. But I didn’t. I think if I had Lynda may have had good grounds for having me […]


If you’re expecting a certain bundle of joy, one of the most fun (and potentially stressful) parts of preparation is designing the baby’s room. You want the nursery to be a place of rest, comfort, and love, with your own personal touch, of course. You also may not want to do the typical gendered pink […]